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10 Baby ESSENTIAL you need when traveling

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Having children should not stop any parent from enjoying traveling. Current era, traveling with kids should be so easy. There are baby room in most of the mall, a lightweight stroller, nursing cover for breastfeeding mom, nursing friendly shirt and the list go on and on. So here I list things that are so important that I'll be stressed if I leave it at home.

1. Wet tissue

Kids are messy creature yet so cute.! Sometime they wanna eat by themselves, they sneeze, they play with their mouth, nose and etc. So to clean the mess, all you need are wet tissue. With wet tissue, you don't need to wash it, just dump it every time after using one. Plus it is hygienic compare to small towel that you keep in your bag.

2. Extra diaper

If your kids need to pass (defecate), they will pass. They didn't wait till you reach the toilet. So please bring extra diaper.

3. Clothes

Some parent bring bib whenever they going out because it is enough for their kid. But not me. My son is always throwing up so I just prefer extra clothes. There is a time when my son throw up 3 time during one whole day we going out and we run out of clothes. So he had to wear the dirty cloth till we arrive home. Luckily the mall and our house is just 15 min drive. If not, errrmmmmmmmmmm....

So bring extra clothes depend of your child need.

Anakin OXO TOT Grow Straw Cup in Green

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4. Drinking Bottle

Drinking bottle is important to keep your child hydrated. There is one bottle that I love which is OXO TOT Grow™ Straw Cup. It is spill-proof straw cup. The almond shape straw with hinged cap guarantee that no water will ever spill in your bag anymore. You know it disappointing if you child drinking water spill in the bag.

5. Toys and entertainment

Toys and entertainment are important to keep your child calm and entertain in a flight or a road trip. A great toy is able to engage kid in a way that empower them. It could be a car, doll, action figure, building block or simply a Play Doh. For my son, one Hot wheels is enough to entertain him.

6. Sanitizer

I wasn't aware about the need of sanitizer until the virus HFMD attack most of my friend's child. Sanitizer is more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water. So you can use it to decrease the infectious agent that touch you child. I prefer anti- bacterial sanitizer spray as it is really easy to use and carry anywhere.

7. Snack

Kids usually become hungry in between main meals, that is why snack is important to keep your children from becoming a monster while you enjoy your time. So prepare a lot of snack when traveling. What I always prepare for my son are cereal in a OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Cover. The flippy snack cup makes snack time more fun and challenging for him. And it come in a very decent size. Easy to bring anywhere.

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Traveling could be tiring which could lead a child to caught fever easily. Always bring a medicine (after consult with your child doctor) to travel especially if you travel to a place where you never been to. Because if anything happen to your child, you are prepare.

9. Spoon

What I meant is plastic spoon ! Yes some restaurant doesn't bother to prepare some plastic spoon for a child. The hot metal spoon really hurt kid/baby tongue as their tongue is so sensitive compare to adult. So for me, a plastic spoon is really important for my son as he still prefer to eat warm porridge.

10.Benbat Yummigo Booster seat and Storage Case

A must for on the go dining and traveling with a kid! This 3-in-1 lightweight portable booster seat doubles up as a storage space for your child’s daily essentials and acts as a trendy travel bag when the seat is closed. You will love how spacious, portable and simple it is. And your child will love sitting like adult on it.

And the best part is, all 9 item above fit in it !

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