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10 Tips for your kid to Eat Well while Traveling

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Traveling is a good therapeutic way to give you a peace of mind, broaden your horizon, help you get original and creative thought. That why, travel the world is always in every person bucket lists. People save money and take time to plan a perfect getaway.

So, always makes full of it and don't let grumpy hungry kid spoil your mood to enjoy traveling the world. Here are 10 tips to eat well while traveling with kid.

*This post is sponsored by #OXOtotmalaysia #benbatmalaysia @smartmumasia @bloomandgrowasia. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

1. Pack your own food

When traveling to a new place, people always excite on trying new food, new fancy restaurant at a new place. However, after a long drive or flight, you and your kids tend to feel tired or jetlag ,so you just wanna chill and relax in the hotel room. So it is good to bring and pack your own food for the first day/night you arrive so that your kid can eat, relax and prepare to continue the day while you settle down the luggage and etc.

2. Kids multivitamin

Foods are the best sources of nutrient. However, if you worried that you don't give enough food and nutrient to you child, eating kids multivitamin is optional. Refer to you doctor to advice the necessity and what the best multivitamin to bring along.

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3. Everyone including parent must try new food (New rule!)

The reason why everyone travel are to EXPLORE, EXPLORE and EXPLORE. So don't tell me you the parent are turning into a picky eater when it come to your part of trying new food. As long as it doesn't differ from your belief and faith, why don't you try new things. Make it a new rule to your family. It make your family became adventurous and easy to adapt anywhere.

4. Lead by Example

How can we ask others to behave in a certain way when we ourselves are not behaving that way. So how well do yourself act when it comes to trying a new food? We need to first start with ourselves and our kid will follow.

Anakin trying to eat salad

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5. Overpack Snack

Pack more snacks than you think you need because you just never know. Kid mood change same as their appetite. Than always pack more. My tips here are to buy dried fruit, biscuit, granola bar, cookies and everything that you can think of less mess snack.

6. Bring the plate, bottle, spoon or fork that your kid familiar with

Bringing a small plate and cutleries doesn't eat so much space. So always brings your kid's favourite plate and cutleries. OXO Tot Training Plate is specially designed with a removable circle that control food from spilled. Other than that, OXO Tot Training Plate is created with an anti slip base so it stay stable on the table. It's free from BPA, PVC dan phthalate and suitable to be heated in microwave so it is really worth it to bring it everywhere OXO Tot Cutlery Set are equipped with a spoon, a fork and a knife made of steel.Although using steel materials, it is more refined compared to adults'.The size of Oxo Tot Cutlery Set are suitable with kid hands. It make it easy to grab and hold. Oxo Tot Cutlery Set is also free phthalate, BPA and PVC.

OXO Tot Cutlery Set and Training Plate

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7. Plan lunch break

Lunch break for half an hour is never enough when traveling with kid. And as you know, planning for a trip is always important than just to follow the flow without having any idea and knowledge of a place you gonna visit. It is also important to tabulate lunch break in your itinerary. If not, you gonna dream of going through that day without having a lunch break. For example, on shopping day you husband give you four hour to shop at one place, and you have two different place to go. So that make total of 8 hour shopping without considering a lunch break. Dear husband that is not enough ! Unless you wanna take care of the kid. So always plan a lunch break. Who know you might get 2 or 3 shopping days.

8. Consider Kid Menu

Have you ever go into a restaurant that you really like and then BOOM they don't have kid meal. Nothing that your kid or baby can eat. I have! And it kill me because a) I have to make two lunch pit stop b) I can't pay attention to the food because my kid disturbed me. Soo not fun !

9. Order In

I always have that one night where we order in either from room service or restaurant nearby. This is actually the moment when I feel so relax and not to worry about how my son is eating, behaving and doing some messes. Yes in between a week of holiday, you and I will need this time off because travelling with kid is no such things as rest and relax unless this moment in a hotel room.

10. Enjoy

Last but not least is to enjoy your holiday and do not push yourself and your child so much. Always mentally prepared and be positive. Bring a lot of wet tissue and sanitizer with you.

Happy child happy mommy

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