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10 Travel MISTAKE You MUST AVOID when Traveling with Kids

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I have travel a lot after having a son. Either by car or airplane, travel with kids could be annoying if they become cranky. So here I list travel mistake that I have done so you could avoid it.

1. Do not forget to bring your kid favourite food or munchies

Travelling could be tiring and exhausting. Sometimes it makes us hungry too. Being in different part of country make it worse. Eating schedule has change! Even an adult could easily get hungry and emotional. Imagine kids. Having a picky eater son, I once travel to Australia without bringing his favourite biscuit at that time which is "Biskut Tiger" cause we're to lazy to declare any food. He became so moody and cranky and I try to buy something similar and close to it. He turn up to be rejecting all the biscuit that we bought. So, I end up giving him banana and steam vegetable as a munchie (thank god i brought his multi purpose cooker).

2. Buy Black Suitcase

In theory, buying black suitcase is such a good idea. It look cool, sophisticated, elegant but actually it the worst thing to do because when your bag came off to carousel, imagine having over 50 black bags so it kind of hard to figure out which one is your. Just let the flight crew to use the black suitcase.

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3. Forget Charger and Adapter

When you travel, you're using your phone a lot for camera, maps, moneychanger apps, youtube or to google. So imagine having your phone die and you didn't bring charger and adapter with you. You will end up buying overprice charger and adapter at the airport. So what I do is I always keep a charger inside my handbag everywhere I go.

4. Download Kid's Favourite Cartoon and Video

Sitting in a long flight and car ride could be boring to your child. So always prepare by downloading and save all your child favourite video and nursery rhymes in your phone to keep them busy and happy. No body want to sit in a car or a plane with irritable kid.

5. Research Before Travel

We really don't want to admit this but sometimes everybody really didn't research before going for a trip. Especially when you used to have a travel guide (my dad and my husband). So imagine walking around without knowing what you could see, it make it not an enjoyable experience. Imagine passing through a really cool museum or historical place and you were like Blurr all the time. So always do some research on the place you gonna visit!

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6. Sanitizer

Air plane can be dirty, germ ridden place. They carts around hundreds of passenger back to back without having enough time for a thorough cleaning. Other than that, you don't know the place you gonna visit is either is very clean or dirty. So always bring a sanitizer everywhere so that you can sanitized most of the place your kids gonna seat and play for a long time to avoid they getting sick.

7. Over Packing

This happen to most of the mom that can't decide what they want their child to wear. They imagine their child to wear nice and trendy clothes at the same time they bring something simple but comfortable. So you bringing the whole wardrobe which is so unnecessary cause you will end up buying new cute clothes right ? Wink wink. So always pack wisely so you can save some space to shop.

Do not be supermom, just pack wisely

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8. No More Late Check In

Have you heard a story where airline gave up your seat because your late check in? I'm not sure either that true or not but imagine if it is true. However, the worst things happen if you late check in is you will be separated with all of your family member. Picture yourself with your baby seat in between two stranger in a long flight. The scariest horror event.!

9. Bring you kid favourite stroller or carrier

This is also important because when you travel, you are gonna be walking and sightseeing most of the time. So if you bring the wrong stroller and your child didn't feel comfortable, you will end up carrying your child on your shoulder or you have to drag them to walk. Which you're not gonna like cause they will become tired so fast and turn out you have to carry them all day long.

10. The secret to Fulfilling Trip

Have you ever came back from travelling feeling unfulfilled? Like you missed something on your trip. You can avoid it by doing a mind map and list all the things you wanna do, places you should go, food you should eat and other that might pop up in your mind.

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My example mind map

So what travel mistake you most commonly did? Or would you like to share other travel mistakes? I would love hearing from you.


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