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17 FREE Fun thing for kids to do at the Beach

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Malaysia is a very pretty country to see, learn and experience nature especially the beaches and the rainforest. No matter at which state you are, there will be beaches you can enjoy.

After spending considerably a lot for a local holiday, (my birthday retreat at Redang) I planned on spending most of our time doing free things at the beach. However, to keep kids attention for only one thing like building a sandcastle is sometimes hard!

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So I came out with 17 FREE Fun Things to do at Beach with Kids so that if they bored with one thing, there is another.

But why do we need to do activities at the beach with the kids? Can't we just lazily lay down and get tanned?


  • A kid/baby is learning through their sensory system; touch, hearing, sight, muscle, taste and smell

  • Your kids don't see beach everyday and there are so many new things to learn and enjoy at the beach.

  • You're a mom and if you don't follow what your kids want, they gonna throw their tantrum!

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There is so many activities you and your kid could do at the beach. These are some FREE Fun, Educational and Good activities for your kids to do at the Beach:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Collect rock, shell, coral reef, sea glass then differentiate it to categories

2. Pirates

Play pirates where you hide valuable item for kids to find

3. Build almost anything from sand

4. Learn new vocabularies

So many new vocabularies that kid don't see every day such as coconut trees, seashell, coral reef, waves.

5. Write and draw at the sand

6. Story telling about anything they see or feel at the beach

7. Bury someone body or feet

8. Make the sand as a road and build a city of your kids' dream

9. Pick up trash and learn about hygiene and global warming (never too young to start)

10. Make friends

11. Counting all the things they collect during the scavenger hunt

12. Sand hopscotch (Teng teng)

13. Watch sunset or sunrise;

Then when you're home, draw the sunset or sunrise or anything your kid sees at the beach to maximize their imaginary.

14. Play tag or chase

15. Racing like Usain Bolt or Crab

16. Build sand Castle

These activities are fun and it develops all the sensory skills. It also boasts the kid's imagination and creativity. A kid who's encouraged to think out of the box will know how to look for new and innovative solutions to problems. So all these activities are really good for them.

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17. Most importantly, do anything that you and your kid enjoy !

So what do you think? Do you have other free things that you usually do at the beach?


What are your favourite things to do with your kids at the beach ?

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