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5 Reasons a Traveling Mom need Mon Cheri Essential, Lily Collection

Updated: May 20, 2019

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Packing is the least favorite part when it comes to traveling. A mom, not only have to pack for herself. Instead, she has to pack for the children and sometimes, husband! So, like others, I always pack my things last. Later than I know, I left many things behind. For example, cleanser, toner, loose powder, brooch n etc. It seems unimportant but, I would become very cranky if I left those behind. You know how your skin is when you didn't wash properly right? errghh.

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As difficult as it is to whittle down your family wardrobe to a few key outfits for holiday travel, most mom would agree it’s even harder to settle on a travel-friendly skincare routine. Besides the whole 100ml size limit thing, there’s also the issue of space.

Here I'm gonna share why Mon Cheri Essential #moncheriessentials is a must to all travellers and moms.

*This post is sponsored by Mon Cheri Essential #moncheriessentials All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Mon Cheri Essential, Lily Collection

Mon Cheri, product that is formulated in France is all about loving yourself from the inside out, being comfortable in your own skin which will naturally lead to confidence in yourselves.

A cherished symbol of fairness and grace, the Lily is the inspiration behind this collection's range of skincare.

And here are the 5 reasons a traveling mom need Mon Cheri Essential, Lily Collection for traveling and their everyday life.

1. Safe to skin

All Mon Cheri products are formulated by professionals with love and care and are free from mineral oil, parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS, and also lanolin.

2. It is customised to your skin types

Mon Cheri's Lily Collection is a set of skincare products that include a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. The set is available to cater to four skin types:

1. Aging & Sun Damaged Skin

2. Dry & Sensitive Skin

3. Normal to Combination Skin

4. Oily Skin

The best thing is, you can answer their question and they straight away know your skin types.

When you are not sure about your skin type, do have a look at this page:

3. Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

Available for four skin types

As you can see, Mon Cheri's Lily Collection also available for aging and sun damaged the skin. For a traveler and a Stay at Home Mom(SAHM), I am exposed to a lot of heat from sunlight and also cooking. So it is the best product for a traveling mom and a SAHM.

4. Travel Size

Lugging skincare, sun protection and other beauty essential can be a burden to your carry on case. (yet to mention your kid's toy, dummy n etc). Avoid airport stress and unnecessary excess baggage charges by shrinking your toiletry bag. No need to mess around with refillable bottle - Mon Cheri has done all the hard work for you with their Mon Cheri Le Fleur de Lis (Lily Collection) Travel Essentials. Yeay! Less work for me.

Cleanser : 80ml    Toner : 50ml   Moisturizer : 30ml

This is the size for the travel kit. Perfect to be in your carry on so that you can look flawless when you arrive at your travel destination.

5. Love how Gentle it is to your skin

Amaze by how gentle it feels when I first wash my face with the cleanser, I'm continue using it with toner and moisturiser for 2 weeks and I swear my skin looks soft, supple, healthier and hydrate. I love it. I hope this company continues to sponsor my skincare. :)

So, to all traveler, mom, women and men who love your skin, pamper yourself and buy Mon Cheri's Lily Collection for you. It is also suitable to be a gift to someone special as the packaging is so exclusive and cute.

Know your skin types here :


For more brand information, you may also visit Mon Cheri's website at or their Instagram account @moncheriessentials #moncheriessentials

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