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5 Ways I Read More Book Every Day!

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Reading is important to develop the mind, strengthen the mind muscle. Either you read a book, or magazine, it is a great tool to discover new things.

Reading is something most people do while traveling, when in transit, when you’re jet- lag, when you're too tired to watch around meeting people and need a break, when you in a bus, train, airplane.

Basically, reading is the most enjoyable way to past the time.

However, being a mom and stay at home, I feel like I read less nowadays.

Having a 2 years old boy with me every day 24/7 make it hard for me to touch a book without him wanting to take away the book.

Do you feel like it too?

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So, how do I read more book these days?

I install one apps call E-Sentral Ebook Portal.

Having this app on my phone, make it much easier for me to read anytime and anywhere as my phone is always with me. In this week only, I already read 3 shorts book from E- Sentral apps.

For the people who don't know what E- Sentral is, I will give you a brief knowledge about E-Sentral App :

  • E-Sentral is the biggest E book Portal in South East Asia.

  • They have more than 250 000 E book from many categaries to choose from.

  • People can read E-Sentral with all device (phone, Ipad, Tablet, Laptop)

  • E-Sentral is operated using world class Digital Right Management (DRM) system to provide safe bridge to digital.

  • E-Sentral was also a gateway fir global publisher to sell their content safely.

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Caught reading while chillin

So how do I read so much book using E- Sentral apps on my phone?

1. Instead of scrolling Instagram and Facebook, I rather spend my time reading at E-Sentral app. There is so many good books to choose from and my son will not disturb me.

Why he didn't disturb me ?

Because, he also read, watch nice picture in the book at E-Sentral apps. There is also a lot of interesting kids book in E- Sentral apps.

2. Other than that, every time my son asleep, I can still lie next to him and read from my phone. This way, he sleeps longer as I'm next to him.

3. Moreover, I carry my phone everywhere and I'm not worried about losing my book as I always do when traveling. (Yes, I'm in that 79% of people in the WORLD who carry their phone everywhere.)

4. And when I'm in places where the internet doesn’t work very well, I just read the book that I have downloaded in E- Sentral apps.

5. E- Sentral have cooking books and I always looking for a new recipe for my whole family (This count as reading too okayyyy).

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There, I get caught focus on reading too much while waiting for husband to finish golfing.

Now don't tell me you still don't find time to read any book especially when there is this cool app with so many categories of books to download and read anytime and anywhere.

Let start read more to improve our vocab, open our mind and increase our knowledge.

#mompower #readanywhereanytime

To know more about E- Sentral apps, visit their :

Website at : https://www.e-sentral.com/

Instagram at : https://www.instagram.com/esentral_my/

Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/eSentral/

Do you still need to bring so much book traveling ?

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