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7 Doable Ways to Save Money for Travelling Purpose

Last week, I've shared how Traveler saves money for traveling or surviving purposes. I can see that the pattern of our people saves money is almost the same so, I decided to do some research (google je padahal) to further know other ways to save money for traveling purposes.

But before you can start saving money, you need to do know how much do you need to save. After knowing how much you need to save, you can easily commit to it.

1. Make a Budget

Before you think about savings, plan out where you want to go, place you want to stay, things you want to do, eat and buy there. And lastly, the total transportation money going and while you're there. This way, you can estimate the total cost and money you need to be saving.

Write it down on your calendar and count on how many weeks until you go there. (or whenever you planning of buying the tickets or do booking).

After you have done that, you can put aside some money every week until you reach your goal.

2. Cut down leisure money

How to save and budgeting when I don't have enough money ??

Yeah. I've been there. I feel like I don't have enough money to survive every day and yet always feel like "eh dah lama la tak minum Starbuck, dah lama la tak makan luar, dah lama la tak g spa, dah lama la tak gunting rambut, dah lama la tak beli tudung.""Ala tudung sepuluh ringgit je pon"

So, if you're like me (who can't stop thinking about habiskan duit, what you should do is write everything in a diary. Every expense you made even for an egg to your child. Limit yourself from buying a Starbuck (or other fancy expensive drinks), movies and eat outside for once a week or once a month. For the spa think about "do I really need this?"

But if you still want to eat outside with cheaper price, install Eatigo Apps where you can dine fancy with up to 50% discount on hotel buffet, and fancy restaurant. Go have a look now. There is a lot of restaurants that participate.

Read here for my review about Marriot Putrajaya The Zest Restaurant hi-tea.

And if you want to go to a spa for a massage, facial or all the things that people do there, try FAVE apps. They have tonnneeeeeessss of DISCOUNT!

3. Cancel your subscription

At first, thinking about canceling my Netflix and Spotify, I was like "Oh nooooo. Not this. I can't do this." But after a while, I'm used to it. Used to listen to people talking on the radio, used to not watching TV, and my life feels OK.

So there are a lot of things that can be canceled or reconsider like Astro channel (maybe you can cut down what you don't watch), telephone bill (to reconsider your plan), unsubscribe to Netflix, Spotify and others.

4. Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk is the best option, especially for items you’re constantly using around the house. This way can really save a few bucks. Daily things like laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels and everything on sale that far away from the expiry date are the best things bought in large quantities. Nowadays, you can shop Online where there are so many special discounts like 11.11 la 8.8.8 la and they sent it right in your front door.

5. Stay Motivated

Committing to saving money is not an easy job. There will always be things to buy, food to eat and discount everywhere. So start by stay motivated to your goal.

To stay motivated, you can put the picture of the place you want to go on your office table, next to your bed, in your wallet and on your phone. This way, you would remember what are you saving for.

After doing all this, then people can have extra money to be put aside in jar or start "main kutu".

For those who don't know what main kutu is, it is a group of people who put a sum of money every month and keep it in one place/ person. Every month a person from that group gets the total sum of that month. And this routine goes through month after month. (Get it get it ?)

So what do you things? Can you save money for traveling?

Remember you don't have to be a millionaire or billionaire to travel. You just have to plan smart.



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