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8 Things to know about Batu Caves before your first visit

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Batu Caves is in a list of a MUST visit place in Malaysia by many of the travel influencer. However, me being a local rarely visit Batu Caves. Since Batu Caves receive a new colourful makeover on August 2018, my family decide to visit it again after a very long time. So before going, like always I'm typing "things you must know about Batu Caves Temple" "things to do at Batu Caves" and all the word that comes to my mind just to do research before going. I could find a few facts but all are about the old Batu Caves which are not as colourful as today. So here I am deciding to share with you, 8 Things you MUST know about Batu Caves:

1. What is Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a limestone hill that forming around 400 million years ago. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu (Stone River), which flows past the hill. Batu Caves is also the name of a nearby village.

The cave is one of the most popular Tamil shrines outside India and is dedicated to Lord Murugan (Tamil God Murugan). It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

Tamil God Murugan in gold next to beautifully paint staircases.

2. Centre for Rock Climbing

Other than worship and travel photography place, Batu Caves is also the centre of rock climbing development in Malaysia for the past 10 years. They offers more than 160 climbing routes.The routes are scattered all around the side of Batu Caves, which is made up of limestone hills rising to 150 m. Abseiling and spelunking trips also can be organised with some local adventure companies. However, you can't see people doing rock climbing from Batu Caves Temple since it took place behind the temple, which I never been to.

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3. How to get here and Entrance Fee

By Car or Taxi Batu Caves is accessible by car, taxi or Grab (top Southeast Asia rideshare company) as it is situated beside the main highway of MRR2 in Batu Caves area. Car need to pay RM2 upon entry the parking area.

KTM Komuter There is also the KTM Komuter train service to Batu Caves.

Monorail and Bus From KL Sentral, take the monorail service to Titiwangsa station and then take the bus to Batu Caves.

4. Dress Code

As I climb the staircases, I can't help but noticing some women wear a drape that look really attractive and nicely cover some lower part and upper part of the body. Turn out, they wear it because of the dress code. Yup there is a dress code that required female to cover their shoulders and knees. Not sure about the male but for female, if you didn't cover most of the said part, you can rent a beautiful rent proper modest attire (drape) for RM5. The dress code is more of a request for a visitor to show respect by dressing indecently as it is a place of worship.

The only picture that have as an example of someone wearing beautiful drape. Haha.

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5. Non Smoking Place

Other than dress code, people are also prohibited from smoking to show respect to the worshipping place. The management had put up a notice that smoking are prohibited in the area of Batu Caves Temple. Other than that, the notice also prohibited people from running up the steps of Batu Caves, spitting and bringing pets.

6. Watch out for monkey and bird

The monkey and bird are cute but they come so close to human especially the monkey. They come to take food and drink from human. They not only gonna take food that you give them but they also hunt for food in the backpacks and plastic. So beware of the monkeys. For the birds, my concert is if they poop on my cloth and scarf but gladly that didn't happen.

Actually there are more monkey but we only capture this one monkey eating banana

7. 272 Colourful Step

According to Hindu customs, every twelve years once, they have to clean, paint, renovate or reconstruct the temple. This year on August 2018, the temple and its vicinities are receiving new coats of paint and other up keeping works because of the upcoming Kumbhabhishekham ritual. So they come out with the idea to paint 272 step with a colourful paint instead of typical red and white to give a new vibrant and mesmerizing look to the Batu Caves Temple. And not only the staircase got the new painting. It the whole temple! So pretty.

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8. Vegetarian and Indian Food

There are two restaurants that serve Indian and Vegetarian food that you can have before headed up or after coming down from Batu Caves Temple. The food serve is good, simple and affordable. Good place to rest after a long day taking picture of Batu Caves Temple. The name of the restaurant are Divya's Cafe and Restoran Amutha.

Tip : To get great picture at those beautiful staircase, you should come on weekdays where there are not so many people here.

That is 8 things you must know about Batu Caves plus 1 tips of getting great picture. I hope it helps your family to get there and enjoy a colourful Batu Caves soon.

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