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9 Ways to Enjoy Bali with kid

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Who thought travelling with kid to Bali, Indonesia could be fun? Yes, it was fun and we brought our one sweet child with us. He is 10 months old at the time and I believe he enjoyed the trip as he smile and get excited every time I shows him our Bali video.

So here I list things that we do in Bali,Indonesia and why we love it so much.

1. Swimming in Natural Hot Spring at Toya Devasya

The view was breathtaking. I am amaze with the view of infinity hot spring toward the Mount Batur in front of me. I remembered being disappointed because I am not a professional photographer that can capture this incredible view.

And who doesn't loves being in a big warm pool? This is the best ways to enjoy Bali with kids. Where else do you gonna get this warm big pool with this mesmerizing view.

I am definitely gonna go here again and I suggest you should to either you're young, with family or retired.

Anakin enjoyed his warm bath

2. Drink Kopi Luwak at Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is a coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet then passed through it digestive tract. These civets only ate the best beans thus making the coffee to taste the best. Here in Bali Pulina Agro Tourism, they also serve varieties of coffee for free. And the best part is, you will drink the coffee overlooking a beautiful stunning rice terrace. Really relaxing and calming.

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3. Breakfast with the Lion

Usually I always refuse to breakfast outside early in the morning to avoid Anakin being cranky when he has to wake up early. But if breakfast with Lion doesn't make you up wanna breakfast, then what will?

Look at Anakin face below, he is cranky but "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" says mommy on that day. Haha. I am so gonna frame this photo.

Place of interest : Tsavo Lion Restaurant , Mara River Safari Park

Anakin moody when mommy tries to capture him with the lion

4. Stay with "The Local"

We stayed at Mara River Safari Lodge for 2 night at Twiga suite. The room was big and spacious, the bed was comfy and the view was awesome. We can see and feed the zebra, elephant, rhino, and ostrich from the room balcony. It has everything that keep my family entertained. The resort is gorgeous and the experience is unique. There are also a lot of activities from morning till night at the resort. The activities include safari journey, cultural show, Bali Agung theater show, animal show, waterpark and funzone.

Our balcony view.

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5. Watch Bali Agung show

Bali Agung show is a spectacular show featuring traditional and modern culture and tradition of Bali. The show is in Mara River Safari Park.

6. Taste the best food full of taste

As you can see, the food in Bali is so colourful and the taste was great and mesmerizing. We ate at Bali Udang Mang Engking at Ubud and Bumbu Bali 2 at Nusa Dua (I can't remember the name of others restaurant). The food was very nice and we were suprised by the option of vegetarian and seafood that they have. Almost all restaurant that we been to, have seafood and vegetarian food option. So for those who worried about halal food, you shouldn't be cause you have a lot of choices here.

7. Picnic at the Beach

Anakin with beach and volcano

Bali has collection of unique and beautiful beach. Thus when you bring a family to Bali, picnic is a MUST. Look how beautiful the beach facing the volcano. Can you see this in other places ? This is our hotel beach located at Nusa Dua.

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8. Visit the SPA

Do you know that Bali is spa's capital?

Do you need another reason to visit spa when you already in Bali?

Of course no. Bali is home to more than 20 best spa in the WORLD. No trip to Bali is complete without an indulge visit to a spa. There are numerous number of spa to choose from high end exclusive spa to affordable spa.

9. Art Shopping at Ubud

Pasar Seni Ubud is a handicraft market in the centre of Ubud. The craft are mostly made by the locals live nearby Ubud. It's open everyday from 6am to 6pm. You will have so much things that buy such as cotton sarong, batik, rotten bag, straw hat, basket bag and crochet.

Tips : Do not forget to bargain here as you gonna get a great price reduction !

Ubud Art Market "Pasar Seni Ubud"

In conclusion, that summarized our holiday in Bali for 4 days. I am so happy that we didn't change our mind when most of people say that Bali is not suitable to bring my little baby. In this holiday, we avoided crowd place like Denpasar, Kuta and temple. We stayed 2 night at Gianyar and 2 night at Nusa Dua. I hope we stayed longer the next time.

Have you been to Bali with your family?

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