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Day trip to Sibu, Sarawak

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Do you know that after all the traveling I did, I never been to Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. So my husband decides to me to Sibu, Sarawak solely for dinner. But I begged him to stay longer so instead of taking an early morning flight back to Kuala Lumpur, we take an evening flight back.

Sibu, Sarawak is the largest port and commercial center in the Rajang Basin located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan Rivers.

How to get to Sibu City Centre

We take an Air Asia flight departed from Kuala Lumpur(KUL) and landed at Sibu(SBW) Airport. The cloud here is spectacular.

From Sibu Airport to Sibu City, we ride a Grab. Grab here is very reliable with so many friendly drivers that I met here.

A very nice cloud in SIbu, Sarawak

Added info : In Sibu Airport, there is an immigration counter. They will ask for your identification card (IC is enough) and then, they will give you a piece of paper that you must return when you're going back to Penisular Malaysia.

The place to stay in Sibu, Sarawak

View from our room

Sibu which located at the mighty Rejang, almost a mile (1,600 km) wide, is the dominant feature of the town. So, a room with a river view is highly recommended for vibrant impressions of waterfront life. The river is a source of their constant activity. Like us, we stayed at Kingwood Hotel SIbu, Sarawak. It is in a good location, they have very friendly staff, clean and big room and the best part is, they got a river view.

Kingwood Hotel is located at the heart of the Sibu Town. Some say you can even walk from there to Sibu Night Market and Sibu Central Market. However, since traveling with a child, I wouldn't recommend that under hot weather. A grab ride from Kingwood Hotel to both Sibu Night Market and Central Market are just RM 4.

Things to do with the kid in Sibu, Sarawak

Sibu Esplanade

We arrived at Sibu, Sarawak at around 3pm. After we land at the Sibu Airport, we straight away get to our hotel, Kingwood Sibu Sarawak. While husband checks in the room, you can have a walk along Rajang River to the Ferry Terminal. The ferry is the ride that locals and tourist use to get to Song, Kapit and Kuching.

Ottomancube Seafood

At night, we ordered a grab and straight away went to Ottomancube, Unicity to grab our dinner. The seafood is very tasty and mesmerizing and generous at a very affordable price.

I even bought the shellout paste so that I can share the taste of Ottoman Cube Seafood with my whole family. After having dinner, we went to Sibu Night Market.

A very generous amount of seafood for under RM60

Sibu Night Market

Going there I expect to see a Sarawak tradition and street food. However, we arrived late at almost 10.30pm and people start packing their thing and closing their tent. So if you planning to go to Sibu Night Market, go there earlier.

Sibu Central Market

We ride a Grab from hotel to go to Sibu Central Market.

Sibu Central is the largest and most interesting market in Sarawak. It is built in 1996, and opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal. It is a combine former wet market and the native Lembangan market that sell a wide range and all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, general merchandise as well as food and drinks. On the 1st floor, they have clothes and food court that sell varieties of local food. Here I taste a Kampua which taste so nice and light.

Us waiting for our food at Sibu Central Market foodcourt at Level 1

The ground floor is where all the magic happen. It is one of my happy place and I wish I bought more money going in there. As mentioned above, they sell all kinds of vegetable, fruits, meat, life chicken and SEAFOOD. The SEAFOOD section is amazing. The price is CRAZY CHEAP ! A big squid can price to RM15 per kg which is 3 times cheaper that the squid in Kuala Lumpur. The fish also look so fresh and sells at a very cheap price too but I didn't bring any fish home except for their signature ikan terubuk masin. So I buy a 3kg of big squid (RM45), 5 ikan terubuk masin ( RM30), a 2kg combination of small and big crawfish (udang galah) (RM100) and 1 kilo of buah keranji (RM50).

And how do we bring home all the seafood? We bought a polyester ice box nearby the Sibu Central Market costs RM17. It is so worth it.

Added info : Sibu Central Market currently undergo major renovation now but they are still open and people are still selling as usual.

Do I love going there ?

Yes I do and I want to bring everyone with me to the Sibu. The people is so friendly, the food tastes so good and healthy, and it is an affordable city to live and come for vacation. I would recommend everyone who loves seafood to come here to eat and buy all the seafood here.

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