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9 Reasons Why You Will Love Legoland Malaysia Resort

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We just get back from our holiday at Legoland Malaysia Resort. For those who don't know, LEGOLAND is a chain of family theme park which has a main focus of the toy LEGO. It open in Denmark, England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai, United State (California and Florida) and South Korea, New York and Shanghai are currently under construction.

We had so much fun as this resort give a very unique experience where they bring the Lego fantasy to reality.

So to give you the ideas of how fun and and outstanding it is, I am gonna share Facts and Reasons Why you Gonna Love Legoland Malaysia Resort.

*This post is sponsored by #LEGOLANDMalaysia #legoland @legolandmalaysia . All thoughts and opinions are mine.

1. The first of it kind in Asia and the largerst in the WORLD

Legoland Malaysia Resort is the first of its kind in Asia and the largest in the world. They brings together a LEGOLAND Theme Park, Water Park and Hotel in one Lego themed location. It is specially designed for families with aged 2- 12 but my son who is less than 2 years old also having a good time here. LEGOLAND Malaysia contains more than 15 000 LEGO models made from 60 million LEGO bricks and home to the most successful rides, slides, shows and attraction from LEGOLAND Parks around the world.

2. Legoland Hotel - All room are themed

As we enter the hotel, we can saw LEGO features throughout the hotel lobby, play areas as well as room, restaurant and elevator. When we don't even check in the room, our kids already hook to the lobby and play area where they can find more than 10 000 LEGO to play and build things.

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When we take up the elevator, LEGO theme songs starts playing and disco lamp start lighting the whole elevator. Our crying kids immediately start dancing and singing together with the songs.

Once we reach our room floors, the kids were thrilled when they found our door. Once I opened the door, they were jumping around as they found they have their own bed, television, play area, more LEGO and even sink to themselves.

All room are themed to give the guests the choice of playing pirates, commanding a Kingdom, embarking on an Adventure, or living like true ninja. All room include a king bed for grown-ups plus separate semi private sleeping area for up to three children, complete with bunk bed, pull out trundle bed and entertainment unit.

And the pool are covered so you and your family can swim there all day long.

Click here to know more about activities in the LEGOLAND hotel.

3. Varieties of foods and kids friendly environment at Legoland Bricks Family Restaurant

We had our breakfast and dinner here in Legoland Bricks Family Restaurant. The choice of food was exceptionally good. The table seating are plenty, the staff are friendly and the table cloth are made of a paper full with quizzes, colouring sheet and games which was amazing cause it make the kids busy while the adult are busy eating.


After having such a great dinner the day before, I didn't expect anything less for my breakfast and it really turn out to be a very good breakfast. The choice and taste were rich. There are nasi lemak, english breakfast, waffle, bread, roti canai, curry mi salad and etc. Anakin's choice of foods are also nasi lemak, chicken porridge and cereal.


There were so many food to choose from fresh seafood, sashimi, Malaysian food, beef ribs, turkey, cakes, fruits, salad and the list go on. The one that appeals to me is the king crab. Anakin's choice are biryani, spaghetti, fruit and steamed fish.

Since we're celebrating Christmas in the month of December, there is a performance during dinner time in Bricks Family Restaurant where my kid had meet LEGO Santa and LEGO Wizards.

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4. LEGOLAND Theme Park - A day is not enough !

At first, I thought bringing Anakin to LEGOLAND was a bad idea as he is less than two years old and the weather are unpredictable as it probably hot in the morning and raining in the evening. Turn out, it is hot in the morning and raining heavily in the evening. However, I was surprised at how comfortable the park was. There are ample shaded area from the trees, new shaded covers and big fans that cover us and cool down the theme park throughout the day.

From my point of view, a day in the LEGOLAND Theme Park is not enough as there are so much things to see, photos to capture, toys to buy, foods to eat, rides to enjoy, and movies to watch.

The theme park has more than 70 hands-on rides, shows and attraction design to entertain the whole family member. A day is not enough to cover every attraction. So, if you have a day pass, it is good to look at the brochure and plan on where to spend most of your time.

Click here to know more about the LEGOLAND Malaysia's Rides and Attractions and don't forget to take the brochure as a guide so you don't miss any shows, attraction and you don't get lost.

Legoland Map

LEGOLAND Theme Park was presented with the Innovative International Theme Park award by the Brandlaureate International Awards Singapore 2018 and named the top 10 amusement parks in Asia by Trip Advisor.

5. Theme Park Great Facilities

As a mother, my priority are to locate the baby room, the prayer room, toilet and restaurant to make sure my family are comfortable. Here in LEGOLAND Theme Park, I don't need to walk very far to find baby room, toilet, prayer room, restaurants and other facilities as there are few spot that provide these facilities in a very spacious LEGOLAND Theme Park.

The restaurant and stall in the theme park provide a very delicious and fun food. If you wonder why I say fun, it is because the fries are in the shape of LEGO (scroll the picture above to see).

And if you can't find the facilities that you're looking into, just ask the staff. The staff are all very helpful and friendly.

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6. Winter Wonderland Brick-Tacular Holiday Season

In the month of December, LEGOLAND Malaysia will be transformed into a snowy Brick-Tacular Winter Wonderland where you can find snowfall every half hour in front of Big Shop making it the most unique celebration in Malaysia this festive season. We were welcome by an arctic LEGO experience throughout the park (there were snow and igloo in the theme park).

It snowing in LEGOLAND

Aside from Winter Wonderland experience and decorations, the park is full of fun and rewarding with activities like LEGO Advent Calendar Draw (RM100 000 worth of prize!!!!), building activities (Candy Land) , LEGO Santa's Grotto (10 Elves has escaped from Santa's Grotto and are hiding in MINILAND), Jingle Bell Ball and etc.

Like every other year, LEGOLAND will light up the Southeast Asia's tallest Duplo LEGO Christmas Tree, made of 427,695 blocks. The detailing of the christmas tree is amazing.

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7. Largest Legoland Water Park in the World

With Malaysia weather and temperature, it is always good if you can find a place like Water Park to have fun. LEGOLAND Water Park is a fully LEGO themed Water Park that has more than 20 unique water based rides and over 70 LEGO models. It is the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world and the first to have a second gate. This mean it can be enjoyed seperately or in combination with the Theme Park.

Tips : Always wear sunblock and keep reapplying

8. Legoland Location and Operating Hour


1, Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor

Operating Hour

10.00am to 7.00 pm (everyday)

9. Legoland Promotion

LEGOLAND Malaysia often have a promotion either for their hotel, theme park or water park ticket. If you're lucky, you might even get buy 2 free 1 ticket.

Current promotion they're having :

Year End Bonanza

  • Booking Period : 15 Nov -15 Dec 2018 (Stay Period : 15 Nov 2018- 15 Jan 2019)

  • 15% off the best available room at LEGOLAND Website

To know more about other promotion, always check on their website at

To buy entrance tickets to, click here

To book a room in Legoland Resort Hotel, click here

That all facts and reasons you will love LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. All my family member no matter how old they are, enjoyed the trip to LEGOLAND. It is a great escape from the reality world to the fantasy of Lego World. I can't wait to plan for my next trip to Legoland again.

Have you been to any LEGOLAND in the world? What do you thought and opinion on it?

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