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Sign Up / Upgrade to Get RM300 Voucher - Grabean Apps Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

You love shopping?

You love buying from personal shopper oversea?


You love traveling oversea?

You love to get paid to travel?

Then I have great news for you. You should sign up to the Grabean app.

I have tried it and I get it !

I get it why people invent this app.

I get it why it was invented by Malaysian. We Malaysian love to buy from other countries and we always wish to get paid to travel. Knowing that Grabean can give me these two things I love to do, I instantly Sign Up to the app.

Upgrade or Sign Up now to get RM300

Talk about the luckiest people alive, Upgrade or Sign Up to the Grabean App and you can get RM300 voucher. Who else wants to give you that much of voucher ?

What you have to do are to follow these steps and poof!

There your RM300 voucher from Grabean.

How to collect RM300 voucher from Grabean App:-

1. Install the Grabean app from App Store or Play Store.

2. Create your account via Facebook or others.

2. Go to My Account at bottom right then click Voucher sign.

3. View All Voucher option then you can see your RM300 voucher.

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So lucky to be given RM300 with just sign up to the Grabean app.

Grabean has partnered with United States Outlets

After you get your RM300 voucher, you can start buying things you'd love from United States Outlets. Grabean has partnered with US Outlets from brands like Calvin Klein, Coach, DKNY, Fossil, Marc Jacob and Michael Kors.

Now no need to go GPO or JPO anymore. LOL ( If you can) .

Straight away buy direct from US.

There will be :

  • No middle person charge.

  • It 100% Authentic. No need to worried about being scam

  • 200% Money Back Guarantee (ah relief)

  • 7 days return policy so if they sent you the wrong package, just sent them back !

Now lets shop !

At this hour (2.15a.m), I'm thinking should I or shouldn't I buying this Marc Jacob Camera Bag. hhmmm.......

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View Grabean catalog if you have no Idea what to Shop

Other than buying directly from US Outlet, Grabean also has catalogs to give you more idea of things to buy. It easy to buy something for your special one as you might find rare, affordable, branded, limited things in the Grabean's catalog.

Grabean's catalog is divided through Category like Women Fashion, Baby & Mum, Health & Beauty and etc. Other than that, you can choose from different Country Catalog to scroll interesting things to buy.

And ,

If you still can't find things that you like, you can submit your oversea orders to ask the traveler to bring back the item you want with FREE Lifetime International Shipping Fee.

Just upload a photo and item details, submit order and make payment. Easy peasy !

With RM300 voucher, every shopping made is so worth it.

Be a Grabean Traveller to Earn Money While Traveling

For a frequent traveler who likes to earn money while traveling, this is great news for you.

I haven't had a chance to be a Grabean Traveller since I just know about this app. But I saw some people had made around RM800 on a single trip to Japan. That is lots of money earn while traveling on a single trip !

If you wish to be Grabean Traveller, follow these steps.

How to make money while traveling :-

- Schedule a trip

-Then click Claim Reward

- Start Offer Help to purchase

- Claim the Travel Reward

When you become Grabean Traveler, you don't need to worry about your travel reward because all the order in had already paid. So just offer to help and proceed to purchase.

Do not forget to purchase and click "Bought" in 24 hours after you claim rewards.

What an easy way to earn money while traveling.

You walk around the city/country, sightseeing, buy souvenirs and buy things that people order. (I know I would rather buy thing people order than buy souvenirs to people who don't even appreciate it. $$$$$$)

And at the end of your trip, don't forget to claim the duty free order before returning to Malaysia. (make more $$$$$)

Lastly when you arrive at Malaysia, just drop off at KLIA / KLIA2 airport drop off point.

Click here to know the drop off point

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Video below is from one of Grabean Traveler. She explains how she uses Grabean app to earn money while traveling to Japan.

Honestly, after scrolling and buying using Grabean, I love the idea of this app.

The app is very simple to use. They explain everything in detail so you can have better understanding on how to buy from Grabean or to become a Grabean Traveller.

Moreover, if you're a buyer, you can state the price you willing to pay and if the traveler feels that it too low, he/ she can request for a higher price and if buyer agrees then only they will buy the item.

You can also shop for travel service like Sim Card, Pocket Wifi, Admission Ticket and Day Tour from Grabean. So you no need to worry about your internet connection at places you gonna visit.


I love that we can personalize our order with the things that we want. Just Google the item that we want and Post it. It is one of the best features.

Grabean app is nothing like any other app.

They take care of their users by providing a win win situation to all either you're a buyer or a traveler.


For More Info

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Or visit Grabean page at

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