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How I waste more than RM70 getting to KLIA2 while you can pay less

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I love to surprise my husband by going to KLIA2 and fetch him home. Since it's Friday and my husband will arrive at 3.15pm, I want to take my son to KLIA2 so that we can accompany my husband driving home (you know it Friday and how the congestion is). By the way, this is the first time I take my son with me just the two us. So, I wonder how to go to KLIA2 and what is the best way to go to KLIA2 with him (almost 2 years old kid).

I was thinking of taking him by car (Grab or Socar), bus or train. I thought a lot on how to go to KLIA2 and which is the best way to explore our route to KLIA2 (we're planning to play tourist today!). After doing some calculation on time, money and type of exploration we gonna have, I've decided the best way to go to KLIA2 is to use train because my son never rides on Express Rail Link(ERL) and I think he gonna love how fast it is!

ERL start from KL Sentral and to go there, we ride two another transport which are Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Grab car. What a long, nice exploration we gonna have.

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So we start our journey from home at 1 pm by ordering Grab to One Utama (the nearest station from our house). Grab at this hour is a bit expensive than usual. But we have to get going if we want to arrive KLIA2 on time.

  • Grab from House to One Utama = RM13

In the car, I ask the driver either there is a faster and nearest pit stop to MRT Station One Utama. He doesn't know and apparently, we can't find any while we on the way. So he dropped us at Starbuck Signature, One Utama. It is a long walk from Starbuck to the MRT station (long for me with a kid). On our way, we find out that there is actually a better place to stop near MRT Station. It is at One World Hotel Lobby. (Note that ye every time you wanna ride at MRT Station One Utama).

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Always remember to bring snack for your kid ya !

  • MRT from One Utama to KL Sentral = RM2.90

MRT ride from One Utama to KL Sentral is smooth but walking from the station to the KL Sentral was a hell of a long road. I know it was all my fault for not bringing stroller but well I want my son to walk. So WALK it is. By the time we arrive at KL Sentral, it is already 2.15 and we have one hour to arrive KLIA2 before my husband does. So, from KL Sentral, we prefer to use the KLIA Express instead of KLIA transit because it takes just 33 minutes and there is no stop in between except at KLIA. I don't want the risk of people going in and out of the train and feeling that someone might take somethings that is mine. Paranoid enough kan?

You might thought that I still have a lot of time to arrive KLIA2 considering the ride took only 33 minute right ? You thought wrong. I also thought that I might have time to walk around KL Sentral and bought some food too. But we're wrong. We should consider waiting time in between train to get accurate time from KL Sentral to KLIA2 sometimes you have to wait for the train.

Here are the KLIA Express Train Schedule

  • ERL from KL Sentral to KLIA = RM55

When getting to ERL station, a security guard stop me and ask about my son age. I immediately answer that my son is one and half year. Haha. Cause kids more than 2 years old have to buy ticket (RM25). Ops!

The train ride from KL Sentral to KLIA2 was smooth and Anakin fell asleep halfway. And we arrived KLIA2 sharp at 3.15pm. Walking from the station to the arrival place is so short as the ERL station is already in the KLIA2. (I'm not sure about KLIA)

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And finally we're here in KLIA2

Total spend from our home to KLIA2 : RM13 + RM2.90 + RM55 = RM70.90

Others cheeper option to get to KLIA2

- Socar with price starting at RM30 for 2 hour drive to KLIA or KLIA2.

You should consider SOCAR in you option on how to go to KLIA2 if there are SOCAR Zones nearby because you can just walk there and start driving to KLIA or KLIA2. If you're traveling in a group is better cause you can divide the rent to maybe 3 to four people? (So CHEAP right !) I've considered this option also since there is Socar Zones at my house. The rent is affordable, but I need to consider gas, toll and CARSEAT. Since it is too much for me to hangkut my car seat into the car, it's a NO.

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- Sky Bus ride from One Utama Shopping Centre(RM14.50) or KL Sentral(RM11)

This is a good option on how to get to KLIA2. I just need to ride a Grab (RM14) or Bus to One Utama and take the Sky Bus from there. However, there will be less walking and more sleeping (on the bus) so this is also a no option since I want Anakin to explore and walk more !

SkyBus Schedule from One Utama PJ to KLIA2

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-Grab for RM 65 from Klang Valey to KLIA and KLIA2

This is a good option on how to get to KLIA2 for professionals who don't want the hassle of walking to bus station, train station and just want to relax and rest in the car. But for me, I have to consider toll, congestion and awkward position me and my son for the whole one hour to KLIA2, it is a no. And my son will not have the opportunity to explore !

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If you traveling alone or with other adults, you might consider the cheaper option as my option not cost effective, time effective and energy effective. And I didn't say that my way is the best way on how to get to KLIA2. But hey, Anakin did explore the city with 3 different transportation modes and he manages to fall asleep by himself that night. Bravo ! It the first time eva that his energy totally drain.

So which public transport do you think is the best way to get to KLIA ? Let us know.

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