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Should I or shouldn't I bring the stroller | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

" Your baby's brain double in size the first year " quote from Parent Magazine

" The first three years of child life are uniquely important because it the most sensitive period for brain development. " quote from Brain Wonderer

May i use all the fact above as reason for me to bring my little son to sightseeing the City of Kuala Lumpur/ Jalan Tar.

Yes I think all women will use any reason or excuse when it comes to window shopping. For a SAHM like me, I would just bring along my son anywhere I go.

I am lucky as my son loves sitting in his stroller. I understand some kids/babies just do not like stroller as much as others but with training and others (read toys, pillow, blanket, and fan) In Sha Allah they will be comfortable. Help them to be as comfortable as they can.

So, when going to a place like Jalan Tar, Kuala Lumpur do I really need a stroller ?

My mother says,"No. You do not need a stroller as other people will feel unease as I might disrupt their shop and walkaway."

How about me? I wanna find shawl to wear on Eid.

So for me, YES. The answer is yes. This is because you will be able to enjoy using both of your hand touching, enjoying the softest fabric of shawl, hijab, cotton, kurung, songket and etc. And when it comes to baby's comfort, he can relax, play some toys, sleep,watching video, eat and drink in the stroller. Like it the best and comfortable place that they familiar with.

Yes people will judge. Yes people will look at you weirdly because Jalan Tar have a lot of alley, small hallway that fill with all sort of fabric and food. But, people became that to things they do not understand. So, when u sit in their shop lot, explain and share story with them, they will understand and be okay with it. If you're lucky, they even gonna aim the big fan to your son in stroller. In the end, I'm guessing they will love the idea of bringing the stroller as it will not make a mess to their shop.

Im lucky that he asleep by his own

So go on let your kids sit and enjoy their stroller as you enjoy shopping for your OOTD.

#OOTD #travelling #withkid

I will write on

-Things you must bring when travelling with kids

-The reason why you gonna loves Jalan Tar

So stay tunes and enjoy.

p/s : share with me your experience bringing your child travelling.

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