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KyoChon 1991, Is it Kid Friendly Restaurant?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

A few days ago, I had dinner with a good friend of mine. She and I both stay at home mom who loves to try and experience new food and makeup during our free time. Then she asked me about one particular restaurant that I frequently visit with my mother and son. She asked, "KyoChon best ke? I always saw you check in there in your Instagram" and I was like "Yeah the food is good. The chicken is crunchy and delicious. There are white rice and soup, which my son like to eat with the chicken and the service was good and fast. I wonder why we never hang out there." Yeah she wonders about it too. I guess next time I'm meeting her, it gonna be a chicken date. Lol

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Kid Friendly

Before I verdict either KyoChon is Kid Friendly or not, I should explain my understanding of the term kids friendly. Kid friendly-restaurant for me is a restaurant that has food that children will eat, maybe a kid's menu and that high chairs are available. If given the crayons and coloring book, free kids meal, and a playground in the restaurant, it is an added BONUS!

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KyoChon 1991

KyoChon 1991, a restaurant from Korea that serve fried chicken, always have numerous peoples queueing in front of their restaurant. The queue itself explain about the quality of food, quality of service and quality of the restaurant.

After dining there a couple of time, I have known what to order even before I sit at their table. My personal favourite is Red Pepper Series (Wingette & Drummette or Half Chicken), Honey Series, Salsal Series and Kimchi Fried Rice Combo Meal. While Anakin's favourite is ,of course, Honey Series with white rice and soup. That mean, I have to order almost all thing in the menu to satisfied everyone.

So, what I love to do is listing on what we want and what we don't want to order. So these are the question that plays in my mind.

1. Do I wanna spent a lot this time?

2. Do I wanna eat a lot ?

3. Do I wanna order the spiciest chicken and eat it alone?

4. Does Anakin had lunch or dinner before ?

5. Do I wanna be full with rice or chicken?

6. Do I order for more people or just me and Anakin?

Why do I always ask this kind of question? It is because I always tempting to order everything on the menu. This is because the option of 2 pieces of drumstick or 8 pieces of wingette or 4 pieces of Salsal Chicken looks like it just a small portion. However, when your food arrived, you will find it a lot. So the cons are, you can't finish the food (but hey you can tapau it) and it will be superbly expensive. We had experience of spending nearly RM150 for two people here. But when I carefully thought of what I wanna eat and how much I wanna eat, I spend around RM 60.

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Anakin enjoying the soup from combo meals

I'm so high eating this tasty chicken !

*sidenotes: the plastic glove is no longer given to the dine-in customer. They provide hand wash area.

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In my experience, whatever I ordered, I always satisfied with the taste of the chicken, the crunchy-ness of the chicken, the consistency of Kimchi fried rice taste and the overall of the food. Anakin also enjoys every time we eat here. He sat on the baby chair all the time eating his food. Don't forget to request a kids plate and cup from the friendly staff.

So for me, it is a kid friendly restaurant but not a suitable place for parents to lepak there for like 3 to 4 hour.

Order online and deliver it in front of your door step

Now, you can visit their website and order online. You have a choice of pick up, or delivery. Isn't is so convenient ? So you don't have to queue to eat here.

Atmosphere : Comfortable and clean. Staff are very helpful

Noise level : Medium

Kids friendly : There are baby chair and kids plate and cutleries for kids but no designated play area for kids.

Recommended dishes : Honey Series and Red Pepper Series

Price : $$~$$$ (moderate)

Business hour: varies depend on outlet

Location : 14 outlets here

What is your favourite place to hangout with your family and friends? Share you place with me.

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