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Top 10 Amazing place to visit | Melbourne, Australia

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I wish I can live in Melbourne as there are so much things to do and places to visit. But THESE ARE TOP 10 AMAZING PLACES you have to visit either you with your friends, or family or even a solo traveller.

After considering the pros and cons in between travelling during pregnant and after having a baby, my husband and I decide we should go travel on 7+ hours of flight BEFORE the baby comes out because we not sure if the baby is plane friendly ( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) haha. So, if you are pregnant or want a leisure holidays, this is a MUST places to visit when in Melbourne, Australia.

State Library Victoria

This is the Australia Oldest Public Library and the first free library in the world. It undergoes major refurbishment between 1990 and 2004 and as the result of the development, State Library Victoria is one of the largest exhibiting libraries in the world.

The grassy lawn in front of the library's grand entrance is a popular picnic lunch spot for the city's worker, student of RMIT University and tourists. So we had a chance of having lunch there with the university student (wink wink) and others tourists too. #picnic

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St Paul Cathedral

A working church with beautiful gothic architecture. It is free entry but you have to pay AUD5 for photo permit. So do we go in ? No. We did not go in even though I am so much interested to see the inside of the building as it is the most eye catching building on Flinders St.

Great Ocean Road

Watching Closer by Chain Smoker videoclip make me feel young and furious again. Imagine myself driving in a Rover that I can't afford. Haha. It is OKAY cause i still can imagine that scene even though I am in a Kia. So for those who love adventure and berangan on the scenic driving experience like Chain Smoker, you have to drive through Great Ocean Road; One of the World's Most Scenic Coastal Drive. 3 to 4 hour drive through Great Ocean Road from Swanston St lead you to our next must visit places which is THE TWELVE APOSTLES. #adventure #dream

So for those who love adventure and berangan on the scenic driving experience like Chain Smoker, you have to drive through Great Ocean Road; One of the World's Most Scenic Coastal Drive

The Twelve Apostles

Did you know that 12 Apostles are actually not twelve all together? Yes. There were actually 8 remaining Apostle left. How does the Apostle even exist ? Extreme and harsh weather eroded soft limestone until it become rock stacks up to 50 metres high. That is me pointing on one of the Apostle left. It is cool isn't it? You got see them before all of them were completely eroded. When will it happen? I do not know.

Phillip Island

People came to Phillip Island for a various reason but for me, I just wanna see penguins parade. Yeah you read it right. There is a penguins parade. We were not allowed to take picture during the parade but the penguins are so small and very cute. I do not need to go to Antartica anymore to watch the penguin parade with their fellow friends. HAHA. Okay maybe I still wanna go Antartica to watch other penguin's species. LOL

Melbourne Zoo

Journey through a world of wildlife in the heart of Melbourne. That is their tagline. For me, their zoo is so beautiful. The landscape was superb. There are over 320 species of animal from all around the world. Hah you can not beat that Wildlife Sanctuary (though i agree they have their specialty too). However, we can not find the Koala and Kangaroo. Yeah maybe I am pregnant so I am lazy to walk but they should have make the Koala n Kangaroo as their main animalcause who doesn't want to see Koala and Kangaroo when in Australia. Or maybe that how they telling me that I should go to the other Wildlife Sanctuary.

And last but not least. Children under 16 enter for FREE on weekends and holiday. Yes FREE. Who does not love FREE. !

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Brighton Beach

Just by seeing the picture, you already know why this is a must place to visit when in Melbourne. Who does not like a portrait or and #OOTD in front the small cute house. There are a variety of house that can be a background to your great #OOTD. Do not worry about lighting. You got a plenty of light before sunset. Other than that, these was my first time dip my feet in a cold water when it is hot on the ground. I am amaze by this fact.

And I have one picture other than #OOTD in front of the houses. Enjoy !

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Torquay Beach

Torquay Beach is famous for it surf beach. It was home to world's most famous surf companies which are Rip Curl and Quicksilver. Here we drive through the town and buy the freshest fish and salad at Fishos. We just chill and relax here. #chill #surf

DFO South Wharf | Yarra River

DFO stand for Direct Factory Outlet. So now it time for some shopping. And the reason I mention DFO South Wharf as a must place to visit is because it is next to Yarra River. So what is Yarra River? Lower stretches of Yarra River are where Melbourne City was establish back in 1835. So for a short trip like mine, it is good to be at two IMPORTANT place at one time. We parked quite far not just to cross the river but to pay less for the parking. Still two IMPORTANT things to do when at DFO. #shopping

Queen Victoria Market

I do not know where do I start when sharing about this market. The fact are, there are plenty of things to offer here. You can call it a food festival, souvenir place, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, soap organic or non organic, live music and so on. I can remember buying lots of cherry, peach, seafood, and souvenir here. And I remember calling my dad just to show him around cause he also loves this place. For me, it the most must go place when in Melbourne. Even when my husband flying to Melbourne I will always remind him to go there if it is open. Do not forget to look for it operating hour or else you be back disappointed. #shopping

So if you guy having any idea on what other place suitable or others, please leave or comment or ask me on instagram or youtube..


p/s : anyone can buy me a kangaroo carpet at QVM ? I regret for not buying it. :(



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