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My top 8 Travel Wishlist in Malaysia

When thinking about places that I want to go to, it does not necessarily outside of Malaysia. There is always places in Malaysia that I wish I could go to and places that I love to go again. I trying to make 10 lists of places I want to go but it is kind of hard because my late dad uses to brought us to travel around Malaysia. So here the list of places that I want to go at Malaysia (Husband please notice this post, please notice this post as next month is my birthday).

Hopefully, one day I'll be able to visit all of these places.

1. Sipadan Island

Sipadan, rated as one of the world’s top dive sites, is an oceanic island which has heard the praises of divers all over the world. There are more than 3000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species. And it is TYPICAL for a diver to see MORE THAN 20 TURTLE on each dive. Although I'm not a big fan of diving, I'm a big fan of snorkeling and TURTLE. And this is my number one on the list due to the pretty ocean Sipadan have and the villa on top of the ocean. Mesmerizing.

2. Kundasang Sabah

Kundasang is a town in Sabah, Malaysia that located about 6 kilometers away from Kinabalu National Park, 12 kilometers from Ranau town. It is the closest town to Mount Kinabalu and has a panoramic view of the Mountain. Other than an amazing view of Mount Kinabalu, Kundasang also has many interesting places to go. Due to the low temperature here, you can get New Zealand feeling at Desa Dairy Farm, drink Sabah tea and buy the freshest vegetable at Kundasang Fresh Market.

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3. Cameron Highland

I've been to Cameron Highland but not with my husband and son. Cameron Highlands is the most popular of the highland retreats in Malaysia. The township of Camerons itself divided into Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Ringlet. So my husband asks me why do I wanna go there again with him ?

For me, Cameron Highland weather and the place itself is so romantic. You can drink tea and breakfast facing a stunning view of tea plantation, you can eat lavender ice cream facing the lavender park and you can eat strawberry and ice cream at a very nice temperature. So ROMANTIC !

4. Genting Highland Theme Park

City of entertainment, Genting Highland is another cool hills station in Malaysia that I love to visit. Genting Highland offers indoor and outdoor theme park, 18 hole golf course, biggest strawberry park in Malaysia and casino. But one thing that I can't wait to do here in Genting Highland is waiting for their outdoor theme park. They have totally changed their game in the theme park and after waiting for so long, I can't wait to enjoy the ride they gonna offer. (I've gone there a few time to know the update on when the outdoor theme is done with their construction but still no update. If you know, let me know ya !)

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5. Perhentian Island

Perhentian Island consists of two islands which is Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil located just an hour boat ride from Kuala Besut, Terengganu. And Kuala Besut is just a 45 minute drive from my home at Kelantan. So close but yet so far. Perhentian Island is an Island surround by the warm blue sea that looks like a paradise. Some might say it is a Maldives of Malaysia. (Since we can't go to Maldives during our honeymoon, I wish my husband bring me here:)

6. Melaka

Oh no! Am I serious about putting Melaka into my wishlist? I've studied for a year at Melaka, I've review Encore Melaka, I've go Jalan-jalan Cari Makan at Melaka, I've stayed so many nights at Melaka but still Melaka is in my wishlist. Why ? Because I've never been to Jonker Walk. And I saw nightlife at Jonker Walk is so happening and I've never been there.

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7. Kellie's Castle Ipoh

At the age of 20, William Kellie Smith comes to British Malaya, to work as a civil engineer near Ipoh. After getting married, he decided to build his wife a mansion, thus build Kellie's Castle. (Like a Taj Mahal story but it here in MALAYSIA!) Kellie’s Castle combines several styles which are Moorish, Indo-Saracenic and Roman influences. However, in 1926. William Kellie Smith contracted pneumonia in Europe. He died suddenly at the age of 56, leaving the mansion to his wife and children. Understandably, the grief-stricken family didn’t want to return to Malaya. Thus left the unfinished Kellie's Castle unattended.

What a great love story behind a building. Thus attract me to go see it. Other than that, because it looks appealing.

8. Gua Niah

Gua Niah is the largest cave in Malaysia and one of the oldest cave in the world, full of history. The cave shows evidence of early human life in the area. The human fossil is believed to be 40 000 years old. Make it one of the earliest human location in southeast Asia. They could be my great great great grandparent, or NOT. So I want to visit their house. Kih Kih.

That all I can think of places I want to visit here in Malaysia. Do you know any other interesting places that I didn't know or list it? Let me know in the comment section.


Have you visited any of these places? It is worth it? Do I really need to go to all off them? Leave it in the comment section too.

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