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My Travel Regrets when flying alone with Toddler

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

As you might know (or not), my son is officially two years in May and he is getting his own seat on the airplane. On June, which is Hari Raya Puasa, we have to take a flight back to my hometown which is at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. My husband is not gonna come with me, so it is just me and Anakin, my son. Oh NOOOOOOO!

Since it is 2nd Day of Hari Raya, we wore our Raya outfit to the airport and flight. I brought one big tote bag filled with my makeup and Anakin's essential and a handbag.

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My 2nd day outfit and yes that is how I dress in this story. LOL

Everything is fine when my husband is there. BUT, after the security check (where my husband and I have to go separate ways), I was hopeless.

What happens is during security check (where you have to scan your body and your check-in bags) my son is so afraid of everything that he wants me to carry him all the way. And turn out, the full body X-ray machine beep every time I walk through it. Lastly, the immigration officer asks me to take off my shoes. (Trust me it is so petty) Luckily after I take off my shoes, it stops beeping.

After passing the security check, I went to Starbuck to buy my drink since I'm so thirsty, and this is when my son starts running around and not cooperating. I have to chase him in heels and skirt. I can't imagine how I look through other's eyes. LOL. So the drama when on and on and on till we get into the plane.

Some might wonder why I don't give the phone to my son for him to watch youtube ?

I didn't do that because I've once experienced his tantrum, mad, crying and shouting when I try to switch it off before the airplane depart. So I stop giving it to him before we depart and in such short flight.

These are few things I regret doing when flying with a toddler :

  1. Wearing heel

  2. Bring a big tote bag instead of any zip backpack or Joylee Travel Back Pack

  3. Wearing Square Hijab instead of shawl (I usually use my shawl as a nursing cover as it is bigger and much flexible)

  4. Wearing skirt (Baju Raya) instead of jeans (it's cold and so hard for me to chase Anakin in skirt and heel)

  5. Not buying seat during my booking in Air Asia flight (we end up having to seat in the same number but different isle which is 32C and 32D

About my separate seats with my son, I would like to thank one of Air Asia Cabin Crew who find and give us another seat so that we can sit next to each other (YEAY !) Thank you very very much for your kind understanding.

And Alhamdulillah my son behaves himself while he is on his own seat. (The trip was only 40minutes so I don't have any tips on it yet)

Finally, all I can say is I should remind myself and yourself to be more practical every time traveling alone with my son. And these is my travel regrets when flying alone with toddler. LOL.

But trust me, you will never regrets going out with your little ones cause it the best time to bond and get to know each others.

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