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National Visual Art Gallery | Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

After being invited to write about #whathappening The Wall(Dinding Bandar), I actually surprise to the fact that I never been to National Visual Art Gallery which is also known as Balai Seni Lukis Negara. I guess it is because I'm not aesthete enough.

The first thing that came in my mind was about the operating hour, the rules and either kid can enter the gallery or not because it an art gallery. And I have never been to art gallery.

So I googled it and found nothing except operating hour and the location.

I guess after you read The Wall (Dinding Bandar) Art Exhibition post, you also wonder about all of the above. So here I dedicated one post about the National Visual Art Gallery.

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Entrance route for stroller and wheelchair. A great #OOTD place


The National Visual Art Gallery is located at No 2 Jalan Temerloh off Jalan Tun Razak 53200 Kuala Lumpur. It is a big blue building located in between Istana Budaya and the National Blood Centre. It consists of 4 floor gallery houses for arts from the Malaysian artists. The art exhibition and the experimental work are different themes every now and then.

How to get here

The gallery is accessible via Rapid KL train within walking distance east of Titiwangsa Station. However, I went there by car. They have their designated parking in front of the gallery so you don't have to worry about where to park your car.

Entering the gallery, you will be welcomed by a few staff in the entrance area. Don't worry, there is no ticket and no entrance fee. However, they will give you a sticker of "I'm here at National Art Gallery".

Guided tours service are available. They usually sit in front of a gallery.

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The whole time there, I was amaze by the creativity of our people. They are so creative that they can turn a pile of kid toys to become a reflection of a face. Other than that, postage stamps can turn into a magnificent art piece. I think I can try that with my son. Who know my piece could be there too ?


The facilities in the National Visual Art Gallery are great. There are enough number of clean toilet, lift, a cafe in front of the gallery, 5 galleries of exhibits, a resource centre, an auditorium, an outdoor exhibition area and a creative centre for workshops. Overall I would say that this is a family friendly place to bring your family no matter how old they are.

PCLO Cafe in front of the gallery


A few rules you need to follow in the auditorium or gallery are : no camera flash, no touching of the art and no food or drink inside the gallery.

Operating hour : Everyday 10am to 6pm

So what are you waiting for ? Bring your family to the National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. It educational, free, and fun. I will definitely recommend this place to my friend and making it one of the place you must visit when in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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