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List of things to do when your VISA is rejected (with sample and tips)

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

It is a month before our trip to Gold Coast, Australia ( August,2018). A friend who will be going with us had called and said his Visa was rejected. We were shocked. Last year, we applied the visa a week before our trip to Melbourne, Australia and it were approved immediately.

Instantly we contacted Emma, a friend who applied visa for us and ask her about this. She agreed saying visa application for Malay man usually were rejected. Due to what reason?

Im not sure but do not worry as if the visa is reject, you can reapply back.

So we straight away ask Emma to apply the visa for us. The next day, as expected, only my mom, me and Anakin's visa were approved. My husband and my brother visa were rejected. She said we have to go to embassy and ask about this.

So we went there and they only give us a piece of paper to be fill and to be email with other information they required. So, what I told my husband was not to be panic but relax and trust that we will be going to Gold Coast.

Part of him is sad and other part of him is happy that he think he can save some money if the trip is cancel.

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Here are list of things to do when the visa is rejected

- Relax and take a deep breath

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In this page, they basically explain about Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), Warning about Scams and Visa related FAQs. They also provide link to reapply the Visa back.

- When you click the link i circle in image below, you will have all the instruction of what to do and to whom do you need to sent the email to.

There are 4 requirement to reapply the visa application.

a) To completed ETA Additional Information Request Form

b) Sent a copy of ETA applicant's passport front page

c) Screen short of ETA referral screenshot (the rejected visa application)

d) Attach together some Supporting Document.

The supporting document are the tricky part.

What I did was :-

1) Statement and itinerary

I wrote a simple cover letter saying that "my flight will be depart on 31 July from KL and arrive at Gold Coast on 1st August. We will be staying at (hotel name) for (x) days. Enclosed herewith are my hotel booking receipt, rental car receipt and my itinerary for (x) days." Do not forget to enclosed all the said document as a proof.

2) A list of your immediate family members (including full names and dates of birth), indicating which of these family members will be travelling with you.

I wrote all my family members name (parent, sibling, husband and children) with date of birth. I bold the name that are going to Gold Coast with me.

3) Details of other travelling companions or people accompanying you on the trip other than family members.  Please include their full name and date of birth.

I rewrite back the family member name who is going with me.

4) Details of all family, friends and contacts in Australia.  Please include their full names and dates of birth. Please indicate if they are Australian citizens or permanent residents.  If not, please indicate visa status and reason for their stay in Australia.

None (if you have, you should just write about them)

5) Evidence of your employment / commitments.

I'm giving them my EA form, pay slip and bank statement (if not working, put the *sponsor details, pay slip, bank statement and EA form)

*sponsor are not bank or anything like JPA or MARA. They maybe your parent, husband, or company.

6) TWO (2) month Bank Statement (from you and your sponsor)

- After that, send all the required information to and please patiently wait for two week. If the information and document is not enough or can't be open, they will email you back in less than 7 days.

- Then you just have to redo and correct the mistake like what they required.

And walah! After we did all the list above, my brother and husband's visa were approve after two weeks we sent our reapplication email. Alhamdulillah. So here some tips that I hope will help your application.

Tips : 1. To pdf all your attach document

2. To patiently wait for 2 weeks as they already mentioned that it take 2 weeks to process.

3. To sent one email only

4. To read and follow all the instruction and information from ETA Application Requirement

5. Please apply 3 to 4 month before your depart date.

Hope all of this information help you. For me, they just want to make sure that you are not going there to work or collect money. Once you provide a firm and solid itinerary with proof, I don't think there should be a problem. However, if a problem still arise, you can directly contact them to resolve the issue.

Hope you gonna have a great time in Australia.

If you have anything in mind or other stories. Do not forget to comment as it may help others.

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