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Pokok. KL, A Glass House Cafe A No No to Parent !

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

It's been so long since me and my friends meet. So this time around, since Mira come to KL for a short staycation, we decide to have a hi tea at Pokok.KL on Saturday 3.30pm.

Pokok.KL is not a typical cafe at shoplot or in mall but it in the Mahsa University gated area. A lot of paid carpark are provided inside and outside the gate.

Looking at the cafe, it is not as big as it look in the video I watched at Facebook but I can see why people love it as there is a lot of spot that is so Instagram worthy. !

So we went into the beautiful glass house to find a seat but it was packed with people. The seats also very close to each other. Even Anakin's stroller were hardly pass through the table. (Indoor space can only cater 20 pax at one time)

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Therefore, we decide to seat outside. Deep inside me I hope no smokers hangout outside that time. There is no baby chair so the kids had to sit on daddy's laps all the time. After settling down and all my friends arrive, we go around the restaurant to find place to order (because we saw a sign "order here" outside). Apparently, that is counter to oder ice cream. For foods and drinks, you have to order inside the glass house. We went in and order some food. The food that I plan to order is finish. This is so disappointing as it was only 3.30pm. (Maybe because they were viral) So we end up ordering some Kofta with Bread and Fries.

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When the food arrived, I'm happy with the taste and the form of my kofta and bread. But when my friend's food arrive, it appear to be so different whereas we order the same food. The bread and the plater are different ( the food is inconsistent). I wonder if it also taste different.

But after all, the ambience and the atmosphere are great to chill out with friends. Food taste delicious. We had a great time talking and gossiping about our life now. And kids having great time running at big space in front of the cafe.

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Atmosphere : Bright and cozy. Suitable to hangout and to do some photoshot.

Noise level : Low

Kids friendly : Not child friendly. (There is no baby chair and kids food)

Recommended dishes : Not sure (as I still disappointed with the fact that I can't order my pesto)

Price : $$~$$$ (moderate)


Location : KL Mahsa College, Petaling Jaya

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