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Samba Brazillian Steakhouse, Meat Lover Heaven?

Updated: Mar 27

Third anniversary and already can't think of any special things to do.

So, what my husband did, he gave me a flower and ask me to bring it to our date. Then he parks our car in KLCC parking and we walked around Petronas Twin Tower to look at the magnificent Twin Tower (he knows this is my favorite) and then suddenly we were walking toward Avenue K. I was like "eeehhhhh?!?! I thought you wanna singgah LV?" haha joking.

Then, we arrived at Samba Brazillian Steakhouse. I instantly remember Brazillian Steak food in Bridesmaid movie, the moment after they eat Brazillian steak. Oh noooooo.. But then, it was our wedding anniversary and my husband always research the best restaurant in town. So I'm gonna trust his instinct and research.

Why Samba Brazillian Steakhouse?

The last thing I know, I'm so happy with his decision to bring us to Samba Brazillian Steakhouse. First, I got the Petronas Twin Tower view. Second, I can eat unlimited meat and other food such as sashimi, sushi, seafood, pasta, ice-cream and dessert (like other buffet food) and third, the staff was very friendly and helpful so, I can ask for a lot of meat and don't feel shy about eating a lot.

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In terms of menu, they have a buffet and also an ala carte menu. Ala carte menu contains appetizer, salad, and pasta, main course and snack. But, we request for buffet food because of unlimited meat, canned drinks, and food. And the price is very affordable too!

Other than all of the above, I'm surprised to see some sushi, sashimi, oyster, seafood, salad, bread, noodle, ice cream and a lot of desserts. I thought this restaurant is simply Brazillian steak. Apparently not. And I can't resist eating all the food. I'm so happy here. Haha.

Back to the steak. There are options from 6,10, 12 and 15 types of meat with a different price range of course.

The steak is of course tender, flavorful and mmmm delicious. I don't know how to describe the feeling. But it really is fulfilling. It was nothing like in "the Bridemaid" movie. And the good news is, I don't end up in the hospital the next day. Yes, I've been warded because I ate too much meat. Maybe because of that. I'm not 100% sure.

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On our way out, the seating at the restaurant was almost full. So I guess it better to make a reservation if you plan to dine in here.

And like always, when we satisfy eating somewhere, me and husband instantly thinking of inviting other members of our family here. In Sha Allah soon.

Atmosphere: Comfortable and nice cozy, suitable for a celebration.

Noise level: Low.

Kids friendly: I saw many people bring kids because of there some kid-friendly menus.

Recommended dishes: Buffet as there are so many choices.

Price: RM200++ for two person (affordable for buffet in KL)

Business hour: 12.00 afternoon till 10.30 night

Location: Avenue K, 3, 156, Jalan Ampang, KL

Parking: Avenue K Parking / LRT ride to KLCC


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