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Sangeeta Vegetarian Restaurant, Best Vegetarian food I've ever had

Updated: Mar 27

It has been a few times since my husband repeatedly talks about the Indian vegetarian food restaurant, Sangeeta Restaurant. I don't know why he's craving for some Indian food. I'm not pregnant. Duh!

As a good wife, I follow his craving and planned to visit the restaurant because I never try Indian Vegetarian food and I have always loved Indian Food. So, we went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) and try to look for the restaurant. It supposed to be in front of Semua House, but we couldn't find it anywhere. We asked some people there and they help us locate the restaurant. It was quite hidden in the Palace Hotel Plaza. Therefore, if you're thinking of going, don't be shy to ask around.

Entering the restaurant, I saw how clean it is, the table well organize, clean and the restaurant is spacious. When we arrive, there are only 3 family dining, so it makes me suspicious either the food was good or not. However, I trust my husband choice cause he never fails to impress me.

Then, we sit and ordered some food which is Veg Spring Roll (RM14.50), Dosa (RM5.50), Vadai (RM 8.00), rice and to be honest I can't remember the side dishes (Lauk). We have two types of side dishes which we ordered based on the staff recommendation.

The service was fast. After a decent time waited, all the food arrived and is ready to be eaten. I instantly try tasting all the food we ordered and guess what ? Everything taste so delicious. All of the food comes still hot and it looks like the food just been prepared once you ordered. And the taste, oh my god it is so tasty. All the herb is enough, the food texture is perfect, the food cooked well. I have nothing to complain about. My mouth even starts watery now thinking about the vegetable spring roll, and the rice and the side dishes. I really love the food they gave us.

After eating all the tasty food, the only word that comes out from my mouth is "If I am a vegetarian, I will never be thinner, The Vegetarian Food serves in front of us is sooo good ! I could eat everyday and everytime"

I can't really remember about the total damage (money damage) we pay but I can remember saying "Wow, it expensive for vegetarian food but it was worth it." We were out of the restaurant happy and thinking of going there again anytime we're craving for Indian Vegetarian food.

Atmosphere : Comfortable and clean

Noise level : Low

Kids friendly : There are baby chairs and the restaurant door is closed all the time so I consider it kid-friendly cause my son will not running out of the restaurant.

Recommended dishes : Vegetable Spring Roll and foods that are recommended by them. (I'm really sorry that I forget)

Price : $$$~$$$$ (expensive for vegetarian food but worth it)

Business hour: 8am - 11pm

Location : Palace Hotel Plaza, 40-46 Jalan Masjid India, City Centre,50100 Kuala Lumpur.

How to Get Here : By bus or LRT Train (stop at Masjid Jamek)

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