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The best lines from Good Girl

Who does not love Good Girls on #netflix and I am currently at episode 6. Wow to me. Since when do I have so much time watching television and series.

So back to the best lines that is my favourite. The best line in episode 6 was when Marion say "A woman needs the companionship of the other women"

And when Annie ask Marion "What about your friends, Marion ?"

Guess what the answer was and I tell you this is most probably the saddest lines ever i hear.

Her answer was "they're dead'. Does not this the SADDEST word ever. About friends.

Her answer was "they're dead"

Can you imagine all of your friends were dead ??? Can you?

So take your time now and tell your friends that you loves em girl.

I love you all <3

ps : don't forget to watch Good Girls on #netflix and write your best lines in comment below.