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Hameediyah Restaurant, All Time Classic | Penang, Malaysia

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Penang is famous for their variety of food from many different races. One of the most famous food that originated from Penang is Nasi Kandar. Every tourist that visit Penang will either eat Nasi Kandar for lunch, dinner or supper.

Nasi Kandar was made famous by Indian Muslim traders from India. It is simply a steamed rice serves with curries and side dishes.

Hameediyah Restaurant

It is raining cats and dogs and we are superbly hungry when we arrived Penang at 5.00pm. We haven't eat lunch as we want to reserve a space in our tummy for one and only Nasi Kandar.

After going through a few option of Nasi Kandar places, we decide to go to Penang's oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant, Hameediyah. They are the oldest and authentic Nasi Kandar in Penang open to customers in 1907.

It is the BEST DECISION as the place is very comfy, have air conditioning, the portion is big and delicious, provide baby chair and they separate the place to queue for Nasi Kandar and dining space so my baby is so comfortable (yeah when travelling with baby, their comfort is my number 1 priority).

People have option either to order foods and drinks with their waiter or to queue for Nasi Kandar.

There are varieties of food to choose from and we ordered two plates of rice. One is steamed rice (nasi putih) with ayam goreng and kuah campur (RM8), a plate of Beriyani with lamb, fish egg and lady finger(RM34), murtabak mixed cheese with curry (RM11) and papadom (RM1.50per pack). The food are simply scrumptious. It costs us around RM60 for that day. Expensive? Yeah I know right but don't worry, here is some tips for you first timers.

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a) Make your potion your own.

Nasi kandar is normally attended by people behind glass counter. Like in an ice cream parlor, you just point your dish to indulge and they will pour it on your plate. If you got mesmerise by the "process" which I am guilty in numerous occasion, they will pour it to their liking which will later affect on your bill. To prevent this, you should let them know YOUR POTION.

b) Order your papadom wisely

Here at Hameediyah, one pack of papadom contain more than enough for two people so, do not asked more than you need cause you can't return the unopen papadom.

c) Separate the side dishes (lauk)

If you come in a large group, take the side dishes or "lauk in separate plate. For example, you dine in with four friends, you can put the lamb, chicken, meat and vegetable in different plate and share it with all your friends. It will stronger the bond and cost you less.

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Me and Anakin in a very good mood

Hameediyah is located at 164a Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Easiest way to get here is by cab or Grab because the restaurant is located in the middle of very busy town.

They open everyday except Friday and their operating hour is from 10 am to 10.30 pm.

In conclusion, dining at the Oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant in Penang is the best decision as we came out of the restaurant with a full tummy, happy and satisfied.

At Hameediyah Restaurant, Kota Damansara Branch

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