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The best time to shop | Melbourne, Australia

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

It has been every women's dream to get pregnant, enjoy babymoon and to shop for baby's needs abroad. There are a lot of reasons why babymoon is super beneficial. We get to spend time with our spouse and we get to prepare our mental and obviously physical before the delivery.

So, on my second trimester, my husband and I had decided to go babymoon at Melbourne, Australia. We heard it is a great place to shop for baby's stuff with a great price or so we thought.

We had a packed itinerary as we were planning to enjoy Melbourne as well and also allocate some of our time everyday to visit a baby's outlet. As we all know that an outlet equals to great discounts. Again, or so we thought.

We went to multiple outlets such as Baby Mode, Babies r us, Baby Warehouse Sale, just to name a few. And guess what we ended up buying ? to our surprise we ended up purchasing 1 item only which actually we found out that the priced is higher compared to Malaysian's online store.

In every outlet that we go in, the seller say "Oh this time of the month we do not have discount"

So I asked the promoter "when is the best time to come ? "

"The biggest sales of the year are the post christmas sales which start boxing day and the mid year clearance sales which used to start on the first day of July but many stores start their sales now in early June."

After asking around and doing some research, the promoter was indeed correct. As the biggest sales of the year are the POST CHRISTMAS sales which start boxing day and through January and the mid year clearance sales which start on early June. On sales seasons like this, most people prefer to book and buy online. But for tourist like us, online is not the best option we like. However, we can attend and que up early as early as 8 o'clock to start shopping.

Shopping at this time of the year was disastrous but thank God we had planned other Amazing place to visit while we were there as described in the below links .

Melbourne : Top 10 Amazing places to visit

And also not to mention, while we were there, it was during the cherry season. The most wonderful time of the year. For those who love cherry, you can visit Queen Victoria's Market from October till February. Here is some great tip, during the month of February it can get a lot cheaper.

In conclusion, whoever is planning on travelling to Australia for shopping, please come during Post Christmas Sales or Mid Year Clearance Sales. If not, you will ended up disappointed with the outcome and thus leaving yourself with some extra cash (not saying its is a bad thing) but being a semi shopaholic we ended up using the money for an upgrade. What I meant is seat upgrade. With only 250 AUD per person we bought a premium flatbed seat as we got a so called perfect ending to our trip but it is subjective. Maybe some people rather save the money and convert it back to RM and head straight to the Curve Damansara and shop your baby's needs there. But I was on my babymoon so Premium Flatbed it is. LOL.

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