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Things No One Tells You About Traveling as a Mom

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Thinking about traveling is so much fun especially when you are single or couple. But it is so different when traveling with kids. Traveling with kids is not impossible but it quite challenging. You need to be patient, mentally and physically prepared.

These are things that no one tells you about traveling as a mom:

1. You want to pack the whole house

After becoming a mom, you will find it very difficult to pack, to decide what to bring, which clothes and shoes to bring. You gonna feel like you wanna pack the whole house.

I know it sounds too much but let see what is in your car and check your handbag now. Is it full of baby and kid stuff? Sometimes you bring a lot of stuff just to go out for 3 hours. Imagine going out for 7~9 days. You most probably wanna bring the whole house. And you gonna hear your husband says " Are we traveling or moving there?! ". Ops !

Tips : Always keep in mind that there is a local store in the place you're going (unless you're going camping in the wood). So you can cut on bringing too many diapers, foods and extra clothes.

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2. You are an easy target

I always imagine being robbed, being pickpocketed, kidnapped victims, and killed. Especially when holding a baby along. Moms are just an easy target for a crime.

So what you can do to overcome this are by wearing the most comfort cloth (so that you'll prepare if anything bad happens), use a zipped and light bag and always wear flat when going out with a child. Other good suggestion is don't be afraid to ask for your husband or brothers help. It will lift the load off your shoulder.

Me struggling to take beautiful photo and holding my son and keeping my bag safe.

3. Sometimes your kid just "Don't wanna go out"

After planning full fun pack itinerary, you gonna be so excited to go out. You even got the family clothes planned for #OOTD ready. However, don't be shock when suddenly one of your child gonna says " mommy I don't wanna go out" or he/she sleep. Or worse come to worse, he/she caught a fever.

So you have to always be flexible with your itinerary cause sometimes, it doesn't go as planned. I once stayed in the room with my son while the rest of the family go dinner because my son body starts to heat up a lil bit. So a mother gotta do what mother does best. After all, my family came back with a great dessert that I will never forget. Everything pays off!

A good companion when stay in a room with your child is Master Pasto Spaghetti.

4. Expectation vs Reality

Don't expect a flawless journey, flawless food tasting and a flawless photo. Looking at other people picture traveling around the world might look so flawless that make you wanna go travel and take a good picture to post on Instagram. However it could be a very challenging thing to do. The traveling will go messy, the journey sometimes gonna go wrong so be mentally prepare and don't push your family too much. Enjoy every moment together.

5. The woes of falling sick while traveling

Kids always fell sick when traveling. This is due to the temperature change, humidity change, pack itinerary, time difference and the list goes on. That why we as a parent have to always prepare. Always remember to bring along your kids medicine, sponge or small towel for sponging and other things you need to ease your child fever. It frustrating but sometimes you can't prevent this so don't be too upset but take good care of your beloved one. Remember you can always travel to that place again.

What I always do to prevent my son from getting ill while traveling in a long journey is I give him a vitamin so that he feels stronger and have lots of energy to do the traveling.

6. Dealing with loss/delay/broken luggage

Loss, delay and broken luggage is a big headache for every traveler. However, it gives the biggest impact to the family with children and babies. Before going travel, always prepare with the knowledge on dealing with loss, broken and delayed luggage. You will get less headache and worries if you prepare on what to do.

You can do a good reading about loss luggage here : Loss Luggage ? Here what to do

What you can do to prepare for the loss, delay or broken luggage is you can pack a small bag with your kids essential to carry on. Only pack important things like one or two pair of clothes, diapers, milk bottle, any important medicine and anything else you find important for your kids.

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7. Unexpected Delay

Unexpected delay could be so many thing. Sometime, you stuck in traffic for more than 12 hour due to traffic congestion, too many pit stop cause by your kids or just a simply flight delay.

Do you know who is the most miserable people that have to deal with an unexpected delay ? A mom. You know why? Because that means a longer hour to handle your kid's behavior. So like I said before, prepare and plan everything (even a simple detail like stop at the toilet). Brings your kids toys, essential and change extra money in case you are delayed in transit place.

The positive side of this, you have longer hour to bond with your child.

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8. Spa Retreat

Some people thought that going on a holiday is the time you rest your body from working and house chores. Not for mom! First, you have to prepare/ care about your kids and your husband foods, then their clothes, then their needs, then their photos and things. OMG ! Sometimes, it just to much! So mommies have to take an extra day off to go to a spa so that you can relax your body and soul after a hectic holiday. Go have some massage, hair cut, sauna, pedi medi or anything that make you yourselves again.

If not, pamper yourself with a great skincare product.

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Do you sometimes wish someone had told you something about traveling as a mom?

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