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6 Things to do before you die | Gold Coast, Australia

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I AM GONNA DIE. That was the first thing that came to mind. DC Rivals HyperCoaster is the tallest, longest and fastest ride in the Southern Hemisphere. A 89 degree drop from the iconic Joker Head will definitely makes your heart skips a bit. At least the it make my heart skip a beat.

Although I ride DC Rival HyperCoaster twice in one day, it just not enough. I wanna do it again and again and again. The best memories of my life are all in my Anniversary trip to Gold Coast. Hence, I present to you the list of things you have to try before you die.

They should be in your bucket list too.

1. Ride on a rollercoaster and other existing ride

Where else in the world can you scream at the top of your lung and throw your arm in the air? If you did that in most other places, people will put you through psychological test. Being the capital of amusement and theme park, there a lot of ride for those who always seek thrill in their life. You can let it all go and scream or shout as loud as you can and no one will get mad.

Places with these attraction :

Warner Bros. Movie World | Sea World | Dream World | Wet and Wild | Slingshot & Vomatron Fun Park | White Water World

2. Take selfie with Kangaroo

It is imposible to come back from Australia without a selfie with kangaroo's friendly face.

Here is our selfies with kangaroo at Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary Park and Paradise Country #selfiewithkangaroo

My brother's selfie with kangaroo

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3. Hold a Koala

I remember when I'm in my old office, suddenly Mr Zack put a Koala souvenir on my table. During my first visit to Melbourne also, my mother called just to remind me to buy Koala souvenir so that she can give it to all of my aunties and cousins. And I guess everyone who has a friends or family visiting Australia will get a Koala as a souvenir from them. I didn't blame them cause koala can only be found in forests of Eastern Australia. In Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, you can cuddle and hold a koala. You can even take picture with them. I'm hoping Anakin didn't get jealous with the Koala. LOL

Present to you our newest family member

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4. Whale Watching

Gold Coast have one of the longest whale watching seasons which is from May to December. With estimated over 15000 humpback whales pass by close to Gold Coast shore, visitor are likely to see passing whales tail slap and breach their way up to coastline.

There are various cruises options to see this majestic animals swim and the best part is most of the cruises offer 100% guaranteed whale sightings or receive a free return cruises.

the best part is most of the cruises offer 100% guaranteed whale sightings or receive a free return cruises

5. Eat so much fresh seafood

If you're after a fresh seafood, you can't go past Charis Seafood at Labrador, Gold Coast. It is home of the largest supply of fresh seafood on the Gold Coast. We had lunch here around one o'clock and have a lovely moment watching Pelican feeding at 1.30 pm. Pelican feeding is daily at 1.30pm.

Alternatively, if a more relaxed fresh seafood dining experience you're looking for, Peter's Fish Market is the place for you where you can dine alfresco by the water edge, under umbrella in their garden or in front of your apartment TV.

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6. Picnic at the very beautiful beach

Having a child, picnic at the beach is a must. It is proven that playing with sand is good for their physical development, expands imagination and build immunity. Gold Coast consist of 70km coastline with some of the most popular surf breaks in Australia. The city have more than 10 beaches to be choose as the location of picnic. And if you lucky, you might see the whales from the Surfers Paradise Beach.

Anakin having fun playing with the sand

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p/s : All theme park and entertainment park allow you to bring your own food to theme park as there is not so many choice of food. Yahoo.! Mean more money goes to shopping.

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