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Two and A Half Year of the breastfeeding journey

Some of you might know that I had been breastfeeding my son for more than 2 years. To be exact, two and a half years. I can't believe it was that long. Time passes by so quickly. Nursing was fun, tiring, calming, irritating, and it gave me all the feeling in the world. Don't get me wrong. It was joyful but there are some up and down moments.

The happy moment was when I sleep, I don't need to wake up in the middle of the night, get into the kitchen to prepare milk. I can straight away give milk to my baby from my bed. My husband also happy as he doesn't need to wake up in the middle of the night too. Then, think about the money we save from buying formula milk. That is a lot of money. All I need is some cover and pump so that I can milk anytime anywhere.

The bad moment was when my baby was nursing and I want to pee or poop. Ergh, that makes me sick. Other than that, when we're in the middle of the crowd and my son cries like he never eats for 10 days. He can really cry and shout like he's not eaten for 10 days, even though he was just fed in the last two to three hours. I have to run to find a nursery room to feed him. A very far nursery room. Haih. You might wonder why I didn't use the cover. But sometimes, kids just not comfortable nursing under it. Especially when the weather was hot.

But all the mixed feeling is totally worth it when thinking about the bonding and goodness that you get by direct feeding them.

How do I maintain milk production?

First, to maintain milk production, we have to eat healthy food. Eat food that is full of nutrients because what we eat will go to our baby. So take a lot of tasty, creamy healthy food. I sometimes have a cheat day too. I just can't help it but craving for Mc Donalds.

Secondly, eat frequently. Eat frequently to produce thick and fulfilling milk. I notice when I feed my son with a hungry stomach, it takes him longer to feed. The milk quality is less. It watery compare to when my stomach is full. Not sure with you but I prefer to give quality and thick milk. Don't worry about gaining weight because your baby will take all the food you eat.

Never a day I stop feeding. The longest that I'm not feeding my son was 18 hours when I'm warded. Other than that, I never stop feeding him every day for two and a half years. By feeding your child more often, your body will start to produce more milk as demand is higher. So remember, if the milk production is reducing, start feeding frequently or pump in between feeding to increase the demand.

Take a nursing vacation. Wait, what? A vacation? Why does a nursing mom need a vacation? Because stress is not good for the milk supply. It can decrease your milk supply. So take a vacation on a beach or on your bed and think about nothing but to focus on nursing your kid. Rest, sleep well, relax and drinks a lot of water.

Up and Down of nursing during Traveling

In the two and half year I 'm feeding my son, we've been to Bali, Gold Coast, Sibu, Legoland Malaysia Resort, Penang, Melaka, Langkawi and Redang Island. And all that time, my Anakin was direct feeding from me (but already eat solid food).

I think the best part about direct feeding when you traveling is less baggage. I don't need to bring any dairy product, bottle, thermos for hot water, pump and etc. I just have me, my kid, my husband, and some clothes. Of cos, there are some other things. You can refer it here: 10 Baby Essential you NEED when Traveling

But basically, it still less than the hassle to brought along feeding bottle, wash the bottle every time after feeding, find hot water and etc.

We have a lot of pitstop like this when traveling

However, as I told before, there were up and down. But we're a mom and there is nothing that we can't handle. Every up and down, I take it as a learning process. For the next kids obviously. HAHA. And to share with everyone.

Read more about my experience of traveling with kids here: Thing No One Tells you About Traveling as a Mom, My Travel Regrets when Flying alone with Toddler and 10 Travel Mistakes you MUST Avoid When Traveling with Kids.

ps: I also put some tips in there.

How to have the strength to continue Breastfeeding?

I think, it really depends on the couple. Both mom and dad play important roles in breastfeeding.

Mom has to have a strong and positive mind saying that "I can do it!""I'm beautiful", "It just for short 2 years", "By breastfeeding, I can save money to buy LV" Eh!

And dad should always support the decision to breastfeeding. Always compliment the moms' effort to breastfeeding.

Yalah save your pocket money too ma!

Always compliment the wife's appearance. Follow the wife's instructions. I mean when the kids want to milk, they want it. So don't push your wife too much. Don't make wives feel stuck in between baby and daddy. Remember it just for a short 2 years. You can have your wife back for the rest of her life.

I think that all I can think about my 2 years and a half of breastfeeding my son.

Every mom is great. So, no offense to the mom who doesn't breastfeed their children. Everyone has their own reason and preference.

I hope this story gives mommies courage and spirit to continue breastfeeding.

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