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Two Sons Bistro, Publika date Eating Clam and Mussels

Remember that time I mention that I have a close friend who loves to try new food and makeup like me ?

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For your info, her name is Azie and we have been friends since 2004. It 15 years ago ! Now she is a successful Zurich Takaful Insurance agent and Wealth Planner. So if you're thinking of protecting your family and income, you can contact her directly here. (Wow I start this post with advertising her. Sorry not sorry)

Now let get back to our date trying new food and cafe. This week, we're having clams and mussels. Who thought that KL has a restaurant that specialises with this two type of seashell.

Like always, before I go anywhere, I will do some research (google je padahal) on places I'm going. I'll check which have the easiest parking place, child friendly seat, child friendly food and place that consider safe for a mom and a kid to go. Apparently all 3 location of Two Sons Bistro meets all that criteria because Two Sons Bistro is located at KLCC, Publika and The Starling Mall. So either these 3 places, I pick the highest star in review and it goes to Two Sons Bistro Publika.

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I read online that on the weekend, people have to book early cause it always full. However, when I arrive at the restaurant, it looks empty from the outside. I thought it already close but it not. There are people inside the restaurant.

So I get in and wait for Azie and her little family for couples of minutes. When she arrive, we instantly order food cause it is already almost 5pm and we still didn't have our lunch.

On the front page of the Two Sons Bistro's menu, shown their signature food, which is the clams and mussels. There are 16 options of gravy served with fries, garlic bread or Mantou bread. We order Clams in Chilli Butter Cream gravy with fries and garlic bread, Mussels in Tomato and Cream with Mantou bread, Fettuccini Carbonara and extra fries for the kids.

After we order, we gossip and talk about our life. (Less gossip but more self improvement talk. Chewah !) We talk and talk till it almost one hour and our food still didn't arrive. Not just the food, even our drinks, a simple Coke still didn't arrived. Can you believe it? Even a coke takes more than an hour to prepare? LOL

My friend who was furious. She asked the waiter about our food and guest what ? They simple say our order is not in their system. Walawey. We're sitting in front of their kitchen and after almost one hour we ordered, no staff even border why there is no food or drinks on our table. They NOT EVEN FULL.

But thank god they show their guilt by immediately preparing our food and sending us the drinks. They also gave us 2 cups of ice cream for our kids.

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It is so fortunate that we didn't leave the restaurant when they didn't do our orders cause the food is really delicious. My orders which is Butter cream clam is creamy, buttery and have a good kick of spiciness. I love it !

And I don't think Azie's Mussel is good cause she takes my clams and says it tastier than her mussels. Not sure if she telling the truth or it just the reason to have more food on her plate. Haha.

But the clams taste delicious, the food portion is big and nice. Good job to the chef !

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We end up adding more bread and fries as the gravy is so good (or we superbly hungry).

I'm definitely gonna recommend this place but you have to be patient with their service. The staff is okay but the waiting time and excuses is unacceptable.

Total damages : RM173.80 for 4 adults and 2 babies

Atmosphere : Comfortable and clean. Staffs are helpful but not alert with the fact that we're almost there for one hour and there is no food on our table.

Noise level : Medium

Kids friendly : There are baby chair and kids plate and cutleries for kids but no designated play area for kids.

Recommended dishes : Clams in Chilli Butter Cream with garlic bread.

Price : $$~$$$ (moderate)

Business hour: 11am - 11pm everyday

Location : A4-G2-8 Publika, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas.

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