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Wonderful stay at Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa Redang Island

When thinking about a beach holiday, what is really in your mind?

Is it a stay in a house where you can walk down the beach barefoot? Or is it a room where you can open your window and see a white sandy beach and a light blue ocean? Or is it a place where when you try to sleep, all you can hear is the sound of waves touching the beach? Well, at least that how I dreamt it to be.

But with a child, a gentle sloping and clean beach is a must on my list.

Sea Front Villa at Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa Redang Island checked all the list above.

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Check-in process

After a long day riding an airplane, taxi, and boat, we finally arrive at Redang Island. There, we were greeted by the friendly staff at the jetty. From there, we ride a tractor to the beautiful Resort. As my husband is checking in, Anakin and I get a chance to chillax next to the pool with a beautiful beach background. It really is the best feeling in the world.

It took me by surprise that suddenly my husband comes and say "Do we have anything to prove that we're married?" Haaaa. So make sure you bring your wedding card if you're thinking of going here OKAY?

After all, the check-in process runs smoothly and the staffs are very nice.

Our Room

After we get the key, we immediately go to our room. I'm so surprised by how spacious our room is. It like a suite. It has a kitchen, family hall, and room. That means we have two balconies facing the beach. I ask my husband "do we really book a room this big or you tell them it is my birthday or I'm a blogger?" (sempat lagi perasan I'm THAT famous). Then my husband said, "Nope, I just request a room that doesn't have a tree in front of it so that we get a direct sea view". Try this trick! who knows you're lucky like us!

However, the toilet is a bit outdated, water at the sink is very small, they have a bathtub but no stopper. But who cares. The beach is just a few walks away. And for the hall and the kitchen, it is hugeeeee. However, we never use it cause it is my holiday so, KITCHEN CLOSE.

The suite is covered with tiles so don't worry about the smell resort with carpet usually had. Ergh. And they provide broom in every room. So whenever you feel uncomfortable with the sand inside your room, just sweep it.

End up the reason we come here and choose this room is because of the view. Open the sliding door and you can straight away see the beach. Sit in the balcony and you can hear the breeze touching the ocean. The view is miraculous.

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Things to do.

There are plenty of things to do on the beach and this resort. Some of them are even free.

Some activity that the resort provides are :

-Snorkeling Program

-Turtle Watch

- Sea Turtle Sanctuary Visit

- Jungle Tracking

- Ping pong

- Table pool

- Reading

- Swimming Pool

- Spa

- Diving

And many more.

If you are willing to walk a little along the beach, there are a lot more activities and they give a cheaper price also. They also have a private boat tour services for turtle watching trip, sunset watching, diving, and fishing.

Other than that, we also rent a snorkeling goggle and went snorkeling at the end of the beach. There got a big rock and a lot of fish. Trick to call fish if you're don't bring any bread is; just pee in the water and the fish will come. LOL. This work!

How to eat here?

We book our room with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the first night of our stay, there is a BBQ dinner buffet. Nyum nyum. FYI, the BBQ buffet is only on the weekend (Friday and Saturday). The BBQ buffet is not as fancy as a 5-star hotel KL but it is fine and delicious. Day after that, we have lunch and breakfast as always. The food is okay. My son who is a picky eater also eats. So less worry for me.

But I wonder where do people who don't book for lunch and dinner eat? There is no road around us. So we walk along the beach till the end of the beach which is at the Laguna Resort to see if there any restaurant or food stall around us. We found a few food stalls but not many. You can also have dinner at another resort around it. But if you come with small kids, I suggest you book the room with lunch and dinner. Unless you easy preparation food to the hotel.

There is a mini-mart at the resort also but it not full of food. So don't risk yourself on planning to buy food from there.

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Check Out

After two nights of living in a paradise, we check out on raining Monday. Sari Pacifica staff sent us to the jetty. You just have to let them know when is your boat leaving.

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